ASUS TUF X570-PLUS (WiFi) BIOS - I’m on the beta

I know there are a few ASUS TUF X570 mobo owners here. Just thought I’d let ya know I’m being the guinea pig trying out beta BIOS version 4203 dated yesterday February 9th, 2022 LOL! I WAS using BIOS version 4021 but when I went to the ASUS site, they magically swept it under the rug for version 4022 … like it never existed. I thought, what the heck, I’m going for the latest and “greatest”. I’ll let you guys know how it is after a few days …

BTW, when you update your BIOS, your old BIOS config profiles cease to operate. You have to load optimized defaults and reconfigure … which I’ve done … so far so good. :grimacing:


Thanks, @Elby!
Were you looking for a new BIOS for a particular reason?

Ya, I keep looking for a miracle cure for my Oculus Quest 2 Link (cable or Air) to my PC not being recognized. A couple years back I bought a Quest 2 and really enjoyed it until the Link stopped working so I bought an HP G2. I’ve had extensive communication with Oculus about this and we concluded that I’ve somehow screwed up my USB subsystem which I’m not surprised about. :slight_smile:

I also like to keep all my drivers up to date. I’ve subscribed to CCleaner for their new “Driver Updater” for this. It checks all 127 drivers I have at the click of a button! Works really well. It literally just updated my Nvidia drivers to 511.65 as I typed this message! Seamless!

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Just following up on this … I had no problems with the beta version 4203 BIOS but now the release version 4204 is out as of March 7th, 2022. Check out for that.

Also AMD released their latest Ryzen Chipset Drivers v4.03.03.431 as of March 14th, 2022. Check out for that.

I’m such a BIOS and driver whὁre LOL! All check out ok on my system so far.