Atmospheric implosion, having a little fun with the dynamic weather system

Hey guys, I’m in the process of creating a mission for you guys to play. Since the beginning of time I fantasized about a mission where you have to take off in poor weather, do fights in clean weather and then head back home to land in poor conditions again. Today I sat down with my trusty notepad++ and all the documentation I could find in order to try and make that a reality. The first result was quite hilarious.

Kinda achieved what I wanted. The airpressure is about a kilopascal lower in a circle with a 90km diametre over the airport. The standard airpressure is about 101.325 kPa so the airpressure is about 1% lower inside the cylclone than it is outside but with it being so small (compared to realistic cyclones and anti-cyclones) causes some fairly extreme weather. The highest wind speed I measured (comparing Ground speed to true airspeed) was 150 to 200 knots.

The northeastern edge of the zone.

On the ground things are looking slightly more nominal. The wind appears to be blowing at only about 36 knots. While incredibly strong that’s not alien. When I first loaded up the mission I had a pretty cool effect where the wind changed from about bearing 320 to 280. Unfortunatly I was not able to reproduce and create a screenshots. I guess the dynamic weather engine lives up to its name and it is trully dynamic :slight_smile:

The chimney exhaust gives you an idea of how hard the wind blows

Is that a sharknado in the distance?

Current editor view

Outside the zone. The winds are still pretty bad out here.


Love the weather editor. I once had winds so strong when I but a F-15 in full burner I didnt even move. After a few seconds I started to hover and got airbourne moving backwards in full burner

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Isn’t that the definition of a hurricane? :slight_smile:

You mean cyclone? I think you’re thinking about tropical cyclones instead. Those devastating storms. “normal” cyclones are just zones of low airpressure. This means they suck air in and as such, also clouds. So this is where you usually get your bad weather. The high pressure zones are called anti-cyclones and they push their air away. So this is where you’ll have your clear skies.

I was thinking about this statement :slight_smile:

So now we have @wxbot doing METAR and TAF, I wonder if a bit of LUA with some web calls could do cells of real world weather in DCS 2.0?

For the weather bot I used this:

A query looks like this:

  "Altimeter": "3011", 
  "Cloud-List": [
  "Dewpoint": "M02", 
  "Flight-Rules": "VFR", 
  "Other-List": [], 
  "Raw-Report": "KJFK 281651Z 30024G29KT 10SM BKN042 09/M02 A3011 RMK AO2 PK WND 31036/1623 SLP197 T00891022", 
  "Remarks": "RMK AO2 PK WND 31036/1623 SLP197 T00891022", 
  "Remarks-Info": {
    "Dew-Decimal": "-2.2", 
    "Temp-Decimal": "8.9"
  "Runway-Vis-List": [], 
  "Station": "KJFK", 
  "Temperature": "09", 
  "Time": "281651Z", 
  "Units": {
    "Altimeter": "inHg", 
    "Altitude": "ft", 
    "Temperature": "C", 
    "Visibility": "sm", 
    "Wind-Speed": "kt"
  "Visibility": "10", 
  "Wind-Direction": "300", 
  "Wind-Gust": "29", 
  "Wind-Speed": "24", 
  "Wind-Variable-Dir": []

But it can also use a lat/long for areas too, although I guess it locates the nearest METAR?:,-0.4?options=info,translate

So McCarran lat long forecast would be something like this:,-115.16

Anyway, thought I’d record that here if anyone wanted to run with that.

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