Audi A4 R9 DTM at Circuit Paul Ricard - Assetto Corsa [POV]

Couple laps of action with the DTM cars around Circuit Paul Ricard. First person POV

(Click on the title below to watch on a separate, bigger window and in HD)

I plan to do DCS World videos in first person view. Just waiting for the new camera to arrive! Cheers


Beautiful set-up you have there @chazflyz77! Thanks for posting.

Is that four screens? As in a touch-screen for the tire temps down low?

Thanks @fearlessfrog

3 monitors on a GTX 980 (Nvidia Surround). Those smaller ones are (top) my Samsung 5 Active running DashMeterPro and (bottom) iPad running AC Dashboard (in this case showing tire temps as you mentioned).

Oh Man…what a setup! Nice editing with the picture-in-picture there too. Damn… I need a man cave…


Here is a preview to my rig. Nothing complex like some of the heavily invested setups. The video was shot several weeks back using a tripod. At the 2:09 mark is some DCS footage and a brief recording in first person view.

Thanks again for the invite to the forums. I’ve been following Mudspike since launch!