Authentikit P-40 Throttle

Authentikit has released the assembly video of the new P-40 Throttle quadrant.
It’s a really neat and compact unit, with the holy trinity of throttle, prop and mixture levers. The throttle lever even has a small hydraulic rotary damper…
Authentikit continues to impress me with the designs. If I wasn’t fixing a house for sale, and then moving, I’d go ahead and make some of the controls he’s putting out there. But, it will have to wait.


Yeah. I’m gonna have to go ahead and get that. No idea where I can put it… but I want it :slight_smile:


I know that feeling! :wink:

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fortunately I am also out of spare time :slight_smile: and my new garage (place where I plan to dig into diy again) isnt ready either

…so just watching all this with excitement :popcorn:

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Dont we all, LOL

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