Authentikit P-51 Throttle

As always, I’m amazed by the clever design…


Ok. Ok. Ok.
Holy crap these guys are creating something truly impressive…

I’m smitten.

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Yeah. Been eyeing those kits for a while. But I have no space left :slight_smile:

Whelp after going through their complete website I think I’m in the market for a 3D printer!

Authentikit is awesome. I have printed several of their Spitfire sets for myself and friends. They’re very well designed, engineered and extremely easy to assemble. The instruction videos are wonderful, Id highly recommend them. The end result feels and works very well, and the desk mount system they have is great as well.

I like that they have adopted the 3D printed text method. The caulk works well, but it’s a lot easier to accomplish with a filament change. That’s what I did on my Hornet cockpit and it looks good and holds up well.


It is a wonderful rabbit hole…!
Have a look at Crealitys new K1.

Not saying you need all that, but if all the hype is real, that is quite a package with bed leveling, dual drive direct extruder, 300°C hotend and… 600mm/s print speed…!
They even claim that the cooling is so fast that it can print without supports.

Edit. Prints out of the box. No building or tuning. I like building stuff and I don’t mind tuning, but in 3D printing there is a lot of variables and I have been on the verge of chucking my Ender 3v2 out the window some times. But that one is already old considering the advancements in printing tech.

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That looks really nice.

I’ll plug Prusa as well. They offer both prebuilt and a kit, I assembled the kit in about two days and had no issues thanks to the wonderful instructions. The part I love is that it just works and works and works. No tuning, default presets, load filament and press print. Would highly recommend.

I’ve lots of friends with Ender 3s that have the opposite experience; while they can produce very nice prints, it sometimes takes a lot of fiddling to get them printing well.

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I have never used a Prusa, but I have only heard good things about them.
I guess Crealitys strength is that they offer cheap entry level printers, like the Ender 3 series which are already legendary. They are great initial printers, and if you want to upgrade them there’s tons of stuff you can get… But you quickly end up spending more for your upgraded Ender, than you would’ve paid for a Prusa that already could deliver all that out of the box… And each upgrade seem to add a layer of complexity.
OTOH, building, upgrading and tinkering with my Ender has been a learning experience, so I’m not complaining. Not right now anyway, hundreds of miles away from my printer, on vacation. Get back to me in a week or two when I will dust it off and tune it in for my next print. Might be you can get a free 3D printer :wink:

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Picked up an Ender 3 v2 and a dual z axis kit from Amazon on Prime day for under $200 shipped. Got it all setup and running in an afternoon. Zero complaints here so far. The prints aren’t dimensionally accurate (ie 20mm is 20mm), but the aberration is 100% consistent. So if it fits together in CAD, it fits together in the real world, but it may be a few % smaller. One of these days I’ll mess with figuring out the calibration to get it on the numbers, but it’s been a now issue so far with what I’m doing. Having a lot of fun being able to get my CAD skills back.


Hard to beat that printer per dollar ratio!
Calibration of the steppers aren’t hard to do. There are some good instructionals out on youtube.