Automobilista 2

Last night I finally had the chance to try the latest 1.5.3 patch, which has been receiving rave reviews. I setup a 30 min GT3 race at Oulton Park, driving the McLaren against a maximum number of cars (27) allowed and a mandatory pit stop. AI level on 90% aggression at 50%. I started last and finished in a very hard fought P16. It was some of the best racing against AI that I’ve ever experienced. Absolutely brilliant.

The latest patch was quite large, but the most common comment from race sim influencers is how good the AI is. I have to agree. This is one area that Assetto Corsa is sorely lacking, having been shunted off the track more times than I can remember, or subjected to the track blocking pile ups. In fairness, AMS2 is more or less a closed system, with very few allowable mods other than liveries, allowing the developer to keep tighter controls on all components which might affect AI behavior.

In AMS2 the AI will fight with you hard but fairly, and not give up once passed. They will battle to regain their place, requiring you to keep pressing. Occasionally there will be an accident, which is lifelike, but will eventually get it sorted and the track will be clear for the next lap. I didn’t try the full course yellow feature, but it is said to work well.

When you take the improved AI, the best FFB in sim racing IMHO, and the ease at which you can created various scenarios, AMS2 has become my favorite single player road racing sim, with ACC a close second.


That is very good to read @chipwich. I will be getting back into AMS2 in a few days.

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I was about to ask around here for Automobilista 2 as I have been spammed on youtube with videos of 90’s F1 racing…

Tell me more!

Glad you brought up the latest update/patch. I have been lacking in the AMS 2 department lately. The historic stuff looks great. On my way to pick it up.

@Troll I know you are a big VR advocate… AMS 2 is THE best sim out there that utilizes VR. The VR performance (fps and quality) is unmatched, imo and many others. The open wheel VR experience in AMS 2 will blow you away.

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Vintage F1 is normally what I drive in AMS2. Don’t have a manual shifter atm, so I use a manual clutch and a sequential. With no aids, getting a clean lap at somewhere like Monaco is hugely satisfying. AMS2 has a bunch of vintage tracks and with the late 70s to early 90s cars, it’s a deep rabbit hole to be enjoyed. IndyCar at Long Beach is also amazing.

Example of a quality skin pack for the 1991 season.

1978 season skins.

Note from the 1990 Season creator…

Please note
This mod was tested with AMS2 v1.5.0.5. We are aware that a forthcoming game update will introduce a revised helmet template for F-Classic Gen 3. This means that while everything should still work as normal when Reiza’s next update is released, the helmets will look weird/broken. This is completely beyond our control. We plan to make updated helmets to work with the next release as soon as possible.

I recall having very fun races in the Formula Classic of the original AMS in multiplayer. Quite some beastly machines!

OK, added to wishlist. Mainly for the trucks :wink:

Also added ‘Brazillian Legends’… Because who doesn’t love a Brazillian? Plus, I have to have that 98T and MP4/4


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Sounds great! Gotta read up on AMS2.

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Funny, after a 30 minute race in the MP4/6 last night, the MP4/4 feels like a pussycat in comparison. And I’m lapping 10 seconds slower at Imola in the older chassis as well. What a difference 3 years and 6 cylinders can make. Those ‘91 cars were beasts!


FYI, Reiza released another update yesterday.


I need to set up my wheel for the Dirt2 ‘championship’, it is on special, and let’s face it; I’m weak :wink:



We will be having a Mudspike AMS2 racing club next.


So, I guess I’ll get the bundle with the season pass, like @Harry_Bumcrack here…
Do I need anything else?


Just custom skins for whatever series you want to run from FWIW, the AMS2 modding community seem to lean toward installing with JSGME. So while I use OvGME for everything else, I have JSGME setup for AMS2. It doesn’t really matter for skins, but if you delve into installing custom cars, most are using JSGME. Also, some people run a custom FFB config file. But the consensus is that you don’t need it any more.

And if you don’t have it already, CrewChief is pretty handy. You download it in their forum.


While I wait for the next Dirt 2 round. I took a truck for a punt around Bathurst…

What a hoot :grin:


Can’t believe I’ve yet to try this. Chipwich’s post motivated me to have another look and I ended up buying it in the sale.

Even though I originally didn’t buy it due to the cost, including DLC I still have spent over £80 - more than I ever spent on a driving game before or any game other than Star Citizen (which I haven’t played for 7 years).
Been too busy to try it yet, but I’m rebuilding my steering wheel desk to try and make it easier for me to use the pedals and then I shall have a go. Hope it works well, cos AC has been a nightmare - both in VR and poor wheel control so far.


I have barely scratched the surface. A dozen laps of Bathurst in the Iveco, and two and a half of the Adelaide GP track in the Lotus 98T :thinking:

Yet to try a race, but so far I like it. Runs well on my ageing PC with an acceptable trade-off between eye-candy and framerate.

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I’ve just been doing time trials in the Formula Vintage Junior at Silverstone (got to start somewhere). I have to say it is a thoroughly enjoyable VR experience, straight out of the box, with no endless tweeking required. Automobilista 2 in my Varjo Aero is probably the best VR experience I have had to date.

Installed Crew Chief just prior to this session and it is a really good, free add-on.


AMS2 announces LMDH Hypercars and Le Mans DLC, extremely good news for endurance racing fans.