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Post your tips and tricks to help others with problems you have encountered.

Mavericks, boguses bodgee bungles in getting your boom sticks to boom.

Check bindings, somehow two commands (one very important for mavs) were bound to the same key stroke. So nada happened.

What I have observed so far IR Mavs “D” version seeker in day time needs to be a lot closer to obtain lock than the EO/TV mav. So if you whacked on a “D” version and couldn’t get lock from max range in day time, don’t be a numpty like me, get a lot closer.

Mavs picture can only be displayed in the LEFT MPCD


Deploying mavs. As it states pretty much in the pocket book. But here is the basics. Works Exactly the same for IR and TV mavs.
once airborne,

  1. Select the STRS page in the MPCD.
  2. Select the IRMV weapon in the top row. (It should show a green triangle above your IR MAV). All IR Mavericks will be powered and will start the cool down process. A “STBY” will show at bottom of MPCD when aligning. After 3 minutes you will have a “RDY” instead of “STBY” (If you have a TV mav, the warm up is almost instantaneous)
  3. Press (uncage) to activate the IR/TV sensor of mav
  4. (you will need these buttons mapped or key strokes remembered) “Sensor Select Forward”. This allows the mavs seeker to be “sensor of interest” (Using the Mav to look and lock instead of the aircraft TV/IR sensor)
  5. Use TDC controls (up/down/left right) to hover over target. Once you stop moving/Using the TDC controls the crosshair will groundstabilise. IMPORTANT After stabilisation, the crosshairs will widen if the Mav has NO lock. If so move TDC over target again or keep on target and get closer to allow mav to lock. You will know its locked as the cross hairs almost intersect over target. TDC will snap view a small way and auto lock when it senses a valid target.
  6. fire weapon.

Another trick I found if using IR mavs in daytime to help lock target (as IR mavs seem to need to be closer to get lock than TV Mavs)

once airborne,

  1. Select the STRS page in the MPCD.
  2. Select the IRMV weapon in the top row. (It should show a green triangle above your IR MAV). All IR Mavericks will be powered and will start the cool down process. A “STBY” will show at bottom of MPCD when aligning. After 3 minutes you will have a “RDY” instead of “STBY”
  3. sensor select aft. This will display the aircrafts DTV camera (which has a better zoom).
  4. TDC action button to ground stabilize DTV camera then use TDC buttons (UP/Down/Left/Right) to hunt for targets. Once you have found a target, leave your DTV camera pointing on it. This will designate the targets position. You are now free to pull back to safety to prepare for the attack or continue to press.

If you pull back, and when the Target moves out of DTV gimble limits, The DTV picture will be replaced with a 360 degree scale and diamond showing you where the target is even if you are facing away from it. The hud will also display an arrow always showing you where the target is. Great for situational awareness. When you turn back in to target the DTV Should auto lock back on your target or extremely close to it.

With DTV locked on target and sensor of interest your IR mav seeker will automatically slew to or almost to your designated target.
5. “Sensor Select Forward” to now make IR MAV sensor of interest (make sure you are flying almost at target to make it easier) and use TDC controls to complete lock if not already locked.
6. Fire weapon.

This way is great to give you stand off capability allowing you to pull off a target to refine your attack and engage when you are ready. Helps in aiding IR locks at close distance instead of hunting around with TDC close to targets.


So how do you start this baby from cold and dark? I can’t seem to get the engine going.

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If you need to power up each Mav for 3 mins, that would kill ripple fire ability.

As for the IR/TV range thing, I think I’ve seen that in the A-10 already in 1.5. I was flying a mission a few weeks back and I noticed that I was needing to get a LOT closer to lock than I used to.
I also noticed the contrast bug where the D camera was like using an NVG and not IR so the convoy vehicles were blending in with the terrain–not what you should see at night with an IR Mav.

In other words, that may be a DCSW Mav issue and not the Harrier. The powering up thing does sound like the 8 though.

Re: Cold and Dark Start up

Jabbers posted a video on startup yesterday: - YouTube that might help.


It took me two attempts and @Tankerwade walking me through it. Like the Mirage, once you bring the engine into the idle detent, you have to goose it a little bit too get the engine fully cranked. Also, apparently there’s an assumed decimal point in the RPM gauge in the right eyebrow panel.

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Not to fire each mav. If you keep mavs selected its fine.
I was meaning like this.

Select mav - Warm up time 3mins and you waited your 3 mins.
Select mk82’s
Select mavs again, you need to wait another 3 mins instead of them being ready as per pocket book.


Had my first flight yesterday in the Harrier for a good 40 minutes, and I ran into some of the issues you mention.

Engine start is pretty straightforward:

  1. Battery On
  2. Generator On
  3. Set fuel cock lever on (down), it’s the big lever in the aft-left region of the cockpit, sticking out of the bulkhead like a sore thumb. It should latch in position once you click it.
  4. Set the two fuel pump switches ON
  5. Set fhe fuel regulator switch ON (I don’t remember its name but it’s something like that, located next to the two fuel pump switches)
  6. Make sure that you don’t touch the throttle. If you move it by accident, it’ll be out of the IDLE-STOP position and the engine starter will not engage. There’s a click-spot on a black lever on the throttle to set the throttle back to IDLE-STOP. Don’t confuse it with the parking break lever.
  7. Press the ENGINE START button (next to the battery switch). Engine should start firing up.
  8. Once engine is started at IDLE, you can move the throttle. Keep in mind that you need to disengage the parking brake lever (in black, right next to the left of the throttle) in order to be able to move the throttle forward; the parking brake acts like a mechanical safety stopper to prevent a pilot from mistakenly ramming full throttle while the parking brake is engaged.

Aaand I think that’s it for engine start. I probably forgot many things that come after though.

What can prevent an engine start is generally:

  • Moving the throttle out of the IDLE-STOP zone by mistake
  • Forgetting to open the fuel cock lever

Here is the Harrier Known Issues thread at ED:

That should be your first stop if something doesn’t seem to be working as expected. Don’t spend time trying to figure out a bug that is already acknowledged. Zeus is updating it as issues are reported.

Here is the list as of this post -

  • Changing Radio 1 - Channel 1 frequency to any value below 225 Mhz AM. ED will check this issue.
  • MPCD Export Problem when using multiple displays.
  • Nozzle control lever movement using mapped key binds.
  • Cold and Dark mission text message.
  • FPS problems on some equipment.
  • 4th gear not deploying for AI aircraft.
  • Wheel brakes effectiveness.
  • Landing gear voice warning continuing after condition stops.
  • Fuel dump bug.
  • Nozzle movement shouldn’t be allowed until bleed pressure available.
  • TM Warthog throttle to full idle position the engine turns off
  • IR/EO Mavericks return to STBY/COOL DOWN mode after selecting another weapon.
  • Video output for NAVFLIR, DMT and TPOD always active. Cause FPS drop. - Fixed: FPS rate is now steady.
  • MPCDs export view need dark background
  • Emergency Jettison does not work with rocket pods
  • DCS crash with group of 4 Harrier clients on Tarawa - Fixed by ED
  • Comm 2 button on the UFC moves whenever water injection turns on and off
  • ACP does not recognize ITERs carrying two bombs.

And here is further info on the FPS drop -

On the FPS drop that some people are experiencing.
With ED’s help we found out that all MPCD and HUD video is being rendered at all times, even if they are not visible.
This means that you have the following video outputs on all MPCDs:

  • DMT
  • TPOD (if mounted)
  • MAVs (if mounted)

So at anyone time you may have between 5 to 9 video screens active, but invisible.

We are fixing that and hopefully the FPS problem will be solved.

Problem fixed and will be applied on next release.

(I will not be keeping this post in sync with ED one. Refer to above for latest)

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Hey @Fridge, what’s good? :smiley:


@near_blind does that one ring a bell? :wink:


But it’s like a motorbike - you have to gun it a bit! :slight_smile:

That fuel cut-off toggle (before/after the parking brake) for stopping the throttle sliding backwards to cut off the engine is really fiddly. I didn’t realize you had to lift it up, detent, put it back down to stop backslide etc.

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I just noticed something today.

If you lowered graphics settings to battle these FPS drops and are wondering why the NAVFLIR image is all black (or white depending on polarity) you most likely have turned off MSAA in graphics options. To make it work again set it to atleast ‘x2’.

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LOL. there is a thread over in the ED AV-8B forums wishing for a Chuck’s guide. I was thinking that maybe I should report that the guide might be a while in coming, because he is on a trip to Christmas Island. But thought better of it.


You would be wrong also! He’s already on his way home! I’m afraid he will miss out on the wonderful BBQ that I have planned.


Nice Maverick guide, using the wee TV to find targets initially.


Ha ha! Aye, someone sent me a link to that thread. It’s not even been 24 hours since the Early Access release… hilarious!

And don’t worry, I’ll be back to Christmas Island soon enough :wink:


It does seem really early to start documenting systems and the like. While I love the fact we have early access, to get used to flying and some weapons, a lot of the really interesting stuff is still to come. If you did a guide you’d have to write another one in a few months time anyway. :slight_smile:

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It’s hard.

  1. Relax
  2. Alignment is key.
    Haven’t tried it in VR, but us flatlanders, you cannot look at the probe. So you want to have visual reference cues to tell you you’re aligned. I’ve found success keeping the hose level with the refueling probe status lights (the box on left side of the canopy bow). I use the heading cue on my hud to judge horizontal alignment, for the KC-130 i try to keep it pointing at the left most edge of the prop-disk of the outboard engine. For the S-3 I use the outboard edge of the port engine pod. (I’ll update this with pictures :smiley: )
  3. Slow and Steady wins the race.
    With other probe and drogue aircraft, my inclination is line up, aim about four feet behind the drogue and slam it home. don’t. The extra attention you have to pay to alignment means that any rapid movements are going to trip you up. Advance slowly using small, constant throttle adjustments. This gives you more time to focus and correct your alignment.
  4. Keep it Straight.
    As the drogue slides back along the left side, I’ve noticed a subconscious tendency on my part to correct towards it. Don’t do that. Keep aligned with your reference points.

I’m keen to try tonight. In VR I actually found it easier to keep station with the fugly 130 than I did with my oil wrestling Su-33 discobot inspired autopilot mode. With the probe out and in VR, you can just about keep the HUD and the tip in view with a couple of shifty quick looks.

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I’d anticipate it would be easier in VR tbh.