Awesome cruise missile footage

It appears to be an inert missile - my guess is the fire and flame is just the turbine engine and remaining fuel igniting. Anyway - useful for when you want to take out a specific container on a ship…LOL… Love the pigeons…hard the believe they knew something was coming…



Ah, so that’s why my motherboard being shipped from China just went from ‘In Transit’ to ‘Delayed’… :smile:

Being a chase camera for a cruise missile must have been a pretty good day for that pilot - such cool footage.

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Very nice footage! Anyway don’t pin me down on it but I don’t think that tomahawk was travelling at supersonic speeds. The speed of sound gets higher the closer to the surface you get ( observing other factors too ofcourse, density, temperature and pressure ). In other words, I think those pidgeons just heard it coming :stuck_out_tongue: