Axiom 3 Launch

Former SwAF fighter pilot and SAAB test pilot, Marcus Wandt participates as a mission specialist.

As a side note, SwAF Chief of Space operations, Ella Carlsson, was promoted to Colonel by the Swedish Airforce Attaché in the US, while visiting the Kennedy Space Center, a couple of days ago.

Google translated article about her.

Ella and I were in the same group when we attended the leadership course, during our initial military service. We got our Corporals promotions together. :slight_smile: She started as a Viggen Crew Chief too :ajs37:


Friends in high places there, @Troll!

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I doubt she remember me though :blush:

Glad that the launch went well! Docking tomorrow…


Massive cloud cover meant I didn’t see squat. Oh well, there’s always next week, and the week after that, and the week after that…