Axis & Allies Online

I would imagine/hope there are at least a few Axis & Allies players out there. No word on release other than the dreaded; coming soon™. One interesting note, they’re currently planning on letting attackers choose the defenders casualties. Not particularly a fan of that, even though obviously that goes both ways, it might really change how things play out.

Personally I wish they’d just leave what already works alone, but judging from the fact it’s been “coming soon” for a few months now, maybe they are reconsidering that. When this does come out do we have any interested parties in some games?


if you were wondering they are using the 1942 scenario/version of the board game for this.

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if you didn’t know…it’s out… a lot of bugs, crashes… but still great memories… use to play this in the barracks every weekend with my Army buds.