B-2 Is a Bad, Bad Thing :D


Dear lord are those some big bombs!

This is one of my favorite B-2 videos. 80 JDAMS on 80 separate aimpoints.


Call that the ESPN 80 for 80 special.

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It’s Amazing that this “Aircraft” that’s really a “Propelled Wing” Can carry an amazing payload over huge distances.

Causally dropping 60,000 lbs of pain…

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I know that was basically best case conditions, but that second video is still amazing. That’s the equivalent ordinance load of 12 B-17’s or a 4 B-29’s, and it looked like pretty much every bomb was within 10’-15’ max of it’s aimpoint. Ina bit over 50 years, we went from needing a 60 bomber swarm to ensure we hit a factory complex to this. The Norden bombsights promise to put a bomb in a pickle barrel from altitude appears to finally be realised.

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Hooooly fuuuuuk, that’s a lot of democracy right there. Talking about loosing weight fast. Drop two of those - 60,000 lbs less.

Let’s not go there…

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Oh come on if we can make fun of MiG’s made out of stalinium, delta wood and vodka power, repaired with big hammer…

…We should also make fun of dropping democracy, freedom and enlightenment values on the third world in 500 pound doses.


The problem is, in writing it’s pretty hard to know when it’s meant as sarcasm, because there are those specimen that actually mean it…

Anyways, this is exactly where i didn’t want to go, having a political debate. Well done, sobek. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think if someone would write about dropping 60.000 pounds of democracy on some poor bit of desert without being ironic, sarcastic or otherwise having their tongue in their cheek, they’d be pretty darn funny lol (and also not make it long on this board)