B-52 crash in Guam

Everyone managed to bail the aircraft.

Glad to hear everyone got out. Pretty confusing article - the inference when you hear “bail” means they ejected or otherwise jumped out…but I’m wondering if this was a crash on the airfield and then the crew evacuated. It also makes me wonder how fire crews determine whether it is safe to approach a burning military aircraft - how do they know whether or not it has ordnance onboard that could cook off? Are they required to talk to a squadron duty officer first to ascertain the payload?

That’s some stuff I don’t know either. It looks like the crash happened within the confines of the airbase. So something must have happened during take-off or landing. In that case ejection is not possible for every crewmember. As the navigators, sitting in the bottom of the B-52, eject downwards. So those guys must have left the aircraft by other means.

Anyway, the important part for me is that everyone got away. I don’t know how the firefighters know when it’s safe or not to get close the aircraft. All I do know is that since the 1967 Forrestal fire most/all ammunition must be designed to resist cook-off for as long as possible.

My guess. Late rejected take-off - runway departure. Crew ground evaced.

Can’t eject from B-52 and walk away…given that at least one seat ejects downwards.

both navigators eject downwards iirc