Back into the bush - Part 1

Welcome to “Back into the bush” a little AAR series about getting back into Bush Flying™. Mostly with small GA, and freeware!

So, to kick it off I’ve downloaded the good ol’ Cessna 150 Aerobat. This is an aircraft that came out in 2007/2008 for Flightsimulator 2004 but has since been converted to FSX, as far as freeware goes for GA you cannot get much better then this!

I got the ORBX Freeware mesh for Australia, and Murray Island, just off the north coast of that very same country!

Now then, meet Bob, the local ATC. As you can see, Bob is quite overworked.

The previous owner kindly left the 150’ on the ramp with chocks and all. I suppose he must be off surfing somewhere. Not sure why you would go to this island but who am I to judge! After a quick fuel check(half tanks) and weight and balance calculation(hahaha, no way!) we find ourselves ready to kick it off!

So, this aircraft is neat, it has a nice checklist build in, a bunch of options for the visual model, and a GPS I can attach to the window. It even has a good ol’ flight computer!

Okay the flight computer is pen and paper and some mental calculations, but still. Neat!

Working down the checklist, setting trim.

The field is at 330ft, the altimeter works with discrete steps so this is about as close as I will get.

Starting the engine, checking RPM, Oil Pressure and other mundane stuff. Pilots sure do have a boring time watching all these instruments! It’s like being a systems operator with a prettier view!

All the gauges are in 3D, the whole aircraft lacks 2D panels which I too can appreciate, this little bugsmashers deserves a little more praise, even in this day and age of high fidelity aircraft.

Climbing out, I’ve got to admit that standard FSX with just a freeware aircraft and scenery still holds up quite well! No visual enhancement mods installed yet and this vista charmed me sufficiently.

Turning around Murray island, I still have to retract the flaps though. The switch doesn’t respond very well to the mouse for some reason. The starter switch has this same problem where it runs way back instead of just to a single magneto.

The windows can be opened close too!

All set for landing again, full flaps and coming in a bit high to clear the bushes at the end of the runway. I am always amazed why tree’s are allowed to so happily flourish at the end of many a runway in simulators! Anyway ever tried landing in seeward direction in DCS World at Batumi? Yeah there’s a tree right in the glide path. Same goes for Nalchick although that is a concrete tree filled with people.

Flaring with the stall horn blaring in my eyes!

Bob didn’t care much for my performance. Shame on you Bob!

On the blocks opened up for maintenance! Look at that gorgeous engine!

Linky links for those interested:

ORBX Libs(required for the freeware fields): Support - Orbx
ORBX Airport(YMUI) and Terrain(AU, Holgermesh):
Cessna 150L(They have a few more, worth checking out): French-VFR - Downloads


That’s a cool paint scheme on the 152. Nice start to your bush flying career! Looks like you found some nice scenery… Looking forward to reading more!


Uggggh between this and the bush bug thread you all are gonna make me fire up the ol’ 185 again…

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That’s… kinda my goal? Hopefully someone else will find the joy in bush flying as I used to do in the past and hope to find again after I’ve gotten burned out on FSX.

Last bush flight i did was in the A2A Cub somewhere in Canada…it was fun, flying along a river and trying to plop it down on little islands and short beaches.

I think i know what im going to be doing tonight…

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Found myself a freeware C152:

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Nice…and here is a free CLS Piper Arrow:

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Those free planes look graphically better than some spyware in xplane.

Edit: lol payware

Well they are former payware!

Gotta admit though, FSX also has some questionable quality for payware still.

We’re looking at you Wilco and Abacus. Sorry…