Back Seat & RIO Guides

Lots of alignment angst. Goose never had these problems… :wink:

00:00:50 - Land Based Startup
00:07:07 - Carrier Based Startup
00:08:36 - Land Based ASH Startup
00:11:08 - Carrier Based ASH Startup

I suppose missions will sometimes have prealigned built in?


I was thinking about that today as I was waiting 8ish minutes for the 2000c to Align. There is, at least in Real life, away to save alignment for a quick start. Think 2 to 4 min alert launch. However thats based on the A/C not moving from its last spot after Align.

As I sit here and type that out I wonder how the Navy does alert. The Carrier is always moving therefore your jet isnt stationary…

I’d imagine it is fed the ships INS location as it’s location. The Harrier has that option.




This AWG-9 video is a pretty important one. Lots of details in there.


Now that’s what I call a real video lesson!

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@Phantom88 - hope it’s ok, want to collect all the RIO guides stuff here.


I’ve just realized this CVW-11 RIO school video is 2 hours 44 minutes long!

Ok, I’m going in…


By far the best one I’ve seen on the back seat. Also adding some personal anecdotes from his experience as an avionics tech on the tomcat. Pretty interesting stuff, if you’ve got the time. I bookmarked it because he has time stamps for specific features.


Great Idea Sir!!

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Covered by the great details in - the boat broadcasts the INS data via a datalink, so it’s being continuously fed to the Tomcats as they align.

That was a great video. After all that coffee I up’d the play speed to 1.5 :slight_smile: Thoughts:

  • The Datalink → Pulse Doppler Search → RWS → TWS cascade as the targets get closer looks really interesting.

  • The long video shows the IFF procedure, which I think is going to be added to a future Jabbers one, as it’s important.

  • The general info around Alert 15 and Alert 5 on the real-life carrier was great.

  • The Hornet new stuff with the SA is coming very handy, as in split HAFU symbols and the data link. AWACS and the boat are going to be very useful fleet defense wise, even if an idiot is driving the AWG-9.

  • The relationship between the TID (Tactical Info Display, the big round thing) and the Detail Data Display (the green small guy) is really neat. The DDD is sort of Viggen-like it how it returns in various modes. Will be staring intently at this guy for a while.

  • Pulse Search and Pulse STT is going to be really useful for targets going abeam and notching, as it seems the AWG-9 is good at keeping locks. I wonder if a lot of the RIO work will be (a) tactical set-up with datalink (to get off early AIM-54’s, if not to hit but at least to make the targets dance a bit) and then (b) slewing radar and keeping lock for Sparrows with TWS to Pulse mode switches.

  • Navigation seems pretty straight-forward, with TACAN and managing waypoints.

  • I’m kind of ignoring LANTIRN and ground attack for a bit. Fleet Defender RIO only! :slight_smile:

Heatblur have put an amazing amount of detail into this thing…


A lot of the stuff I did 25+ years ago in F-14:FD is coming back to me…

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Very nice IFF video. So many people are going to shoot down friendly F-14’s in MP tomorrow though… :slight_smile:


I wondered if anyone has done any sort of images of the RIO seat and instruments with a quick overview of it.

As well as other useful information on this role.

What I do got is RIO FLight School series on youtube:


Well…you have to be able to sing backup vocals for “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” when your pilot wants to score with some chick he just met at the O’Club…other than that…:smiley:


I can do that… man, the RIO role is easier than I thought! :rofl: