BAE Purchases Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Looks like British Aerospace is now joining Lockheed Martin in the gaming business. What do you think this will yield?


Not sure how i feel about this. I am fairly sure that it wont be a net gain for the civvie gamer

I’m concerned that it will turn into a more military-procurement-focused entity as well.

The BIS is not the same as the Bohemia that creates and develop Arma games. They are separated teams.
The BIS products rarely goes to main stream people because their very high costs and focus.

BI is responsible for Arma series and other general public games.
BIS is responsible for VBS platform that were since many years a specific product for military clients.


They also share proprietary technologies between them. At one point early in arma 3’s life cycle they shared coders as well

Typically, from what I understand, BIS (Bohemia Interactive Studios, the Arma folks) will develop the engine, and then license it to BIS (Bohemia Interactive Simulations, the VBS folks). In the VBS1 days, when it shared an engine with OFP, the development team was more or less the same group of folks, or at least there was some sharing back and forth of code and ideas. In the old OFP days, VBS was talked about like the holy grail of infantry combat simulation, and some individuals on the forums even purchased their own licenses to get to play it, much to the envy of the rest of us.

Arma 1 came out and that engine became the basis for VBS2. I got to have a little bit of time playing with the US Army’s version of VBS2; I was initially excited because I assumed like many players that it would be ‘better’ and way cooler than Arma 2, which had been out for a while on the .civ side.

Like all things military, in actuality it was disappointing, boring, and not very pretty. (If you’ve heard that only the military can suck the fun out of things like shooting machineguns and setting off explosives, imagine what they did to a videogame.)

It had some neat features that were innovative, like the ability to select actions by pointing at them (eg. get into a specific seat through a quick, on-screen menu rather than the OFP/Arma scroll menu), and the way IEDs and stuff were handled was neat, but otherwise was a very boring game. Which made sense because it wasn’t a game, but a professional scenario simulation tool for practicing TTPs.

All of the good concepts that it had have been implemented in ACE by the time that mod matured for Arma 2, and for Arma 3/ACE3 when it came out as well.

Eventually BI dropped the S, spun off the VBS division into BIS(imulations), which later became a separate company and continued to develop VBS2/VBS3. Around the release of Arma 3, BIS was sold off and became a completely separate entity.

I don’t know anything about VBS3 as I never ‘played’ it, but it appears to be based on the Arma 2 engine, and I assume that VBS4 is based on Arma 3’s engine, although frankly without researching it I don’t even know if it’s been released yet. Last I knew it was coming 2020.

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meanwhile Amazon is still waiting for FTC approval to buy MGM… :" Shrug::

I just want stargate back, dunno why FTC is worried about Amazon, buying an otherwise backrupt / about to go under business.


I’m all for it. What I find really worthy of worry are acquisitions made by the Chinese Communist Party through its subsidiary, Tencent. 1C for example.


I was so disappointed to read that the other day.

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