Barry Wells aka Bearcat

We suffered another incalculable loss to the IL-2 community last year. Barry Wells aka Bearcat or Bearcat99, creator of the Nuggets Guide to getting off the Ground and Sturmovik Essentials guides and so much more, passed away on August 23, 2020.

For anyone who knew Barry I humbly ask that you not only post your thoughts here at Mudspike in this thread but also if you do have a Great Battles forum account to take the time to post something at the Sturmovik forums where Bearcat had spent the better part of the last 9 years.
Barry aka Bearcat has passed away…: [url=]Barry aka Bearcat has passed away... - General Discussion - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum


Text from his obituary.

Bearcat has been a fixture in the IL-2 community since well before I came around and learning of his passing last week has affected me as deeply as losing a close family member.



Ah man, this hurts. I met Barry not too long after I started finding the online flight sim forums, and he introduced me to others “for the culture,” so to speak. I flew with his Virtual Red Tails a few times, and we’d talked of doing more, but had a hard time making it all work. Sadly, I’ve not spoken with him much since the first wave of migration from That Other Site, but we chatted a few times when he started moderating over at the IL2 forums.

He’ll definitely be sorely missed.

Fair winds and following seas, old friend.


Didn’t know the man; Sounded like a good guy, and, knowing another senior citizen simmer errr, highly experienced enthusiast has passed makes me sad.

I’m gonna do a really sharp break in the overhead, fully engaged in an activity we both have enjoyed, right now in your memory. Salute Mr. Bearcat!

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Sad news. I recall engaging Bearcat in banter at simhq. Good times, good memories

Respect to you sir

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This truly breaks my heart.
After the diaspora I didn’t talk with anyone over there anymore, but for the time we shared the same virtual forum he always struck me as a very kind person and a smart one too.

He’ll be sorely missed.
Rest in peace and thank you for all the good memories.

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I wasn’t familiar with him, but it sounds like he was a gentleman of kind spirit and similar interests to my own and Mudspikes.

Rest in peace mate.

I knew him from being a lurker over there.
Always seemed to be one of the nicer people there.


Sorry to hear that.

Shame. Spoke with him several times over at simHQ mostly about music.

RIP :tumbler_glass:

I knew him as a lurker too. It kills me to learn that he died over a year ago and I never knew. There’s no real reason why I should have known but that’s how my mind works I guess. Thanks for spreading the message @wheels.