Bass Pro Shops

Yes, another kind of hardware but any opinions on Bass Pro Shops here?

We actually have one up here in Vaughan Ontario that I’m thinking of visiting tomorrow for the FIRST TIME!

I need a few things too.

That one is certainly worth the visit because it’s pretty cool. My problem is I’m pretty specific about things I want and often they don’t carry exactly what I need. But, go at least once because it is pretty cool inside.


Like, the place is HUGE, but we’ll see … I need a very specific back pack and a very high lumen but small taclight …

In that case I would consider LAPoliceGear site. They can ship postal if you specify and thus you’ll avoid UPS/FedEX “brokerage fees”.

Also I think if you use code LAPG you get 10% off.

See if you can find the stuff there. Unless you want to see it in person first. Then it’s a problem.


I gotta get my tactiles on this stuff Corsair, but thanks.

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You might find the back pack (I’d check their web page first)…maybe the flash light. To be honest, I go for the shirts and sometimes trousers. Not exactly the height of fashion but comfortable and rugged.

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In the States they have good sales on firearms and ammo occasionally. A few years ago I picked the ultimate prepper rifle, a Ruger 10/22 Takedown, for something like $50 off retail.

We just had a new one open up by the ferry port, here in Vancouver. Is it like a Cabela’s? I like that place, even if it’s just wandering around looking at the wooden ducks. :duck:

Similar, but Cabela’s has more variety IMO. BPS tends to cater to the deer hunter and bass fisherman, where Cabela’s more to the outdoorsman. But to be sure, that is a gross generalization. Perhaps a bit more conservative, while BPS is in your face. Neuvou frontiersman rejoice!

My comments were obviously in error.

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On the Eastern Shore - the DELARVA peninsula, they have the Decoy Museum…for the longest time I thought it was a Decoy Museum to fool tourists into stopping…but no, its a wooden ducks museum.

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Honestly, in my opinion, Bass Pro overprices pretty badly. Well, at least on fishing gear. I always bought firearms stuff from a local gun store.

I went for the backpack and flashlight but I stayed for the shirts and trousers lol! Some good deals there! I was afraid the place would be expensive because it’s so HUGE and upscale looking but I was very wrong. I mean, they have an actual de Havilland Beaver hanging from the ceiling in one part of this store! …

I ended up getting the gear I went there for in the first place … good prices PLUS they actually discounted some of the items at the register!

I was blown away by the amount of fishing gear they had there, not to mention the gun and archery departments. Unbelievable store that I’ll be visiting again.

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Late to the party, but bass pro is awesome. I’ve bought several firearms there, and also tannerite. How can you not like a place that sells tannerite?

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Just got back from a trip to Memphis this past week where the Bass Pro looks like this

and on the inside…

Pretty crazy, although I actually wasn’t all that impressed with the amount of stuff in there compared to less fancy ones.

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Well, the original Memphis was one of the capitals of ancient Egypt…so pyramid…there is a connection…I wonder if they have hippopotamus hunting gear there…very popular sport in its day on the Nile.

It’s not just an adventure, but a lifestyle!

Didn’t that used to house Memphis Belle or something?

Yep, worth visiting at least once. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise Beaver as that blew me away when I first got there.

dunno about that, but I’m pretty sure the Grizzlies played there for a little bit when they moved to memphis