Battle of Britain 2 Wings of Victory

Who remembers this and its forerunner Rowan’s Battle of Britain? Spent many hours in both. I remember first playing and seeing the sky full of He 111’s and trying to take one down with Spitfires and Hurricanes weaving between them. Attacking the radar stations on the south coast with Stukas. Seeing a flight of Defiants lumbering along and diving on them with my 109… Ah good days :salute:


Oh yes!
A great sim!
True clickable virtual 3D cockpit, if I remember correctly.
I loved that you could open the canopy and lean out.


Yeah it did! I’d forgotten that.


I think I remember BOB…DOS version? I definitely remember a sim where I could fly a Stuka and a mission where you attack the radar towers near Dover…

…many, many, (many) years later (2007) I saw those towers from the roof of Dover Castle…looks like I missed. :grin:


I don’t remember it being a DOS game, it was released in 2000 and I definitely ran it through Windows, could be another BOB?
Definitely could do Stuka attacks on those masts, I remember hitting them with my plane more than bombs though lol and some things never change to this day haha

Hmmm…I said DOS because I thought I remembered typing in “BOB” to start it - i.e. a BOB.exe file…maybe not. Other than the Stuka, I looked flying the Hurricane better than flying the Spitfire…probably because it could take more damage. :grimacing:

I always preferred the hurricanes in it too.


Their Finest Hour was a Dos game. Was it that one?

Intro and Gameplay video



That was it!!! :grin:

[…and the memories come flooding back] :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: I don’t know where you got that gameplay video but the way I remember it, its a full surround sound experience and the graphics rivaled DCS World2.5! (Its is amazing what your imagination can “add in”)


Had that one on my Amiga500. Many wonderful memories of me and my friends taking turns flying missions.
Still have the discs and manual…


Its a wonderful sim which I only recently took off my SSD for space reasons. It has great AI and a truly dynamic campaign. Its getting on now, but the BDG development group are still hard at work on it. Their work and downloads really keep it alive, but there are issues running it on Windows 10 that don’t seem to be easy to solve.

There’s an epic thread on SimHQ by user 33Lima that really shows the campaign and 3D world integration. BoB2 screenshots - the RAF campaign - SimHQ Forums

I think its still the only sim that could model massive formations of bombers and fighters. It was a hell of an experience to play as a gunner in a Do17, JU88 or HE111.


Apparently they did just release a Windows 10 patch:

I think there may be a few features missing compared to the “full” Windows 7 version, but shouldn’t be too different. Haven’t had a chance to try it out myself yet, but it’s on the list.

I originally tried flying it on a Windows XP machine, but it didn’t quite have enough oomph to run it well. Next computer was Windows 8, so never got the chance to really try it out.

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I don’t think I’ll try this…it just wouldn’t be the same without swapping in 5¼" floppies to get the thing started. :crazy_face: