Battle of Midway

Seventy-eight years ago this week one of the most, if not the most, important naval battles of WW 2 for the United States took place near Midway Island.

Part One of a video documentary from 1950 based upon the 1948 document “NAVPERS 91067, The Battle of Midway Including the Aleutian Phase, June 3 to June 14, 1942: Strategical and Tactical Analysis by Richard W Bates” (later Rear Admiral Bates) at the Naval War college.

I have never been able to find part two. :frowning:

Period prejudices towards the Japanese are still very much evident in this 1950 program.

1942 ARC Identifier 13196 / Local Identifier 80-MN-9168D.
Department of the Navy. Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.
Naval Observatory. (1942 - 09/18/1947)
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…and now one of our closest allies. Midway was 1942…sixty-nine years later, the US Pacific Fleet staff deployed to Japan and the US 7th Fleet deployed to Japanese waters to support them after the Great Eastern Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear disaster. How things have changed.