Battle Wings by Ideaspoon

A game similar to Crimson Skies in story, and Event Horizon in upgrading. Battle Wings puts you in the seat of a mercenary crew in an alternate history collapsed US, after WW1 ravaged the world’s economies, and mercenary air groups are used to defend trade.

It is on mobile.

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It’s based on the remake of Wings of Fury for the Apple II, Wings of Valor, which isn’t available for download.

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That looks like it could be fun! I really wish someone would do a true remake of Crimson Skies using a modern engine, in the same spirit as the original. VR would be the cat’s meow!


Its really unfortunate the only version of the game I can actually play is the xbox game High Road to Revenge, which is much more unrealistic than the original PC game.

I got the original working on Win10 for my son, runs fine and wasn’t too much tinkering

Oh man, I haven’t thought of that since Noah was a lad… If someone ever did a remake it would be ‘shut up and take my money’.


I have the original board game version, the hero clicks, all the video games, and most of the novels. Oh and I wrote my own strategic level sim/game that would give some narrative elements to the table top (which ever version). Not that I have more than a passing interest in Crimson Skies…

Truer words never spoken.

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Never played the table top game but a combination of the box art and Porco Rosso was enough for me to buy the PC version.

I have just found a what looks like a legit copy.

Nevermind :frowning:

Bah, too much trouble to try and get it working, and I would probably be disappointed if I did. Note to self - stop giving in to nostalgia!