Battlefield 1 closed alpha gameplay

I love Frankie’s videos.

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I have to admit that BF1 has me interested, though with all EA things I suppose I’ll wait a bit to see how it all works out lol


This is exactly what I’m doing.

I’m REALLY interested. WWI is really fascinating. I’m not expecting realism, but from what I’ve seen from friends in the closed alpha? It’s really good action.

But, it’s EA. It’s liable to have something screwy when it launches.


Exactly, not expecting crazy historical accuracy but hey it looks fun! Plus its just different.

Same horrible hotbox detection I’m sure. Their netcode is terrible. Sadly.

After playing the Open Beta, I can say I’m quite excited for this. I’m going to get it.

Not preordering, because EA can perform a public display of affection upon my gluteus muscle group.

That said, Rhino is correct and the hit detection can be dodgy. That said, it isn’t as bad as it was in previous Battlefields.

It feels like a diesel punk fantasy WWI and I rather like that. It’s not really alt-history. It’s a WWI in which the powers decided to better invest in infantry technology. As well as Fokker, Gotha, and Halberstadt moving to Switzerland since both sides use them.

That’s one of my biggest complaints about the game: The lazy usage of assets. Both Entente and Central powers use the same vehicles. My gripe here isn’t that it’s historically inaccurate, but rather it’s poor for gameplay. How so? In a game with this sort of pace, you’re looking for outlines. TF2 demonstrated this perfectly as each class has its own definite outline. The moment you SEE the Spy, you know he’s a spy. The moment you SEE the Heavy, you know he’s a heavy. Add in the defined shades of red and blue and you instantly know who is who without an intrusive or limiting HUD.

Herein is the issue with Battlefield 1’s vehicles; they’re divided into classes, but each class has its own model that doesn’t change from side to side.

Everyone gets the Triplane, Everyone gets the Gotha. Everyone gets the FT-17.

The important point I’m trying to drive home is an aesthetic one. You can instantly recognize the Fokker Dr.1 as a Central fighter. You can instantly recognize the Mk.4 as an Entente tank.The performance should be the same for balance purposes, but the aesthetics should give you indication of what side its on. This is especially disappointing when the Great War had such iconic vehicles that possessed radically different appearances. This leaves you having to rely on HUD elements when, really, the outlines of these vehicles should serve as better identifiers.

It means you can’t ID enemies the moment you see them at distance and you can’t surprise enemies with a stolen vehicle.

In the end, it was still a very enjoyable experience.

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