Battlefield 1 Operations mode... awesome

I think I played 95% of all previous Battlefield games in the Conquest mode only… All I really ever liked, dipped into a few others but mostly conquest.

Just played my first MP Operations mode game in Battlefield 1… and it was insane, intense, and just plain awesome! Highly recommend you read about it and try it… if your getting BF1.

My new favorite mode.


Sounds really great, I also only played Conquest but I’m looking forward to trying this new mode out.

Are you going to be playing on PC or XB1?

I preordered a cheap key on PC, and if I like it as much as I did BF4, I’ll probably eventually pick it up on XB1 too (no whiners on chat and no cheaters compared to PC).

Might have to try it tonight, spent last night with the single player campaign. Been enjoying that a good deal.

XB1… always bought both version before, but i’m going to stop that now… less of a gamer then I was a few years ago. :wink:

I’m going to do the SP campaign the first 2 days of official release… why? Because I guarantee their will be MP connection issues like crazy for the first 2 or 3 days, lol.

I’m not sure, at least with the way that everything has been spread out. I didn’t get early enlister, got a good deal awhile back at greenmangaming, so just ponied up for the origin access non-sense, 10 hours early, for $5, plus the other stuff that comes with that program. evens out anyway if i don’t use it for anything else, simply because you get 10% off and I was planning on adding on the season pass anyway.

But yeah, PC, you got stuff going on now, 18th early enlist, then 21st regular. I’m banking any issues should be sorted by the 21st.

ok, played some tonight, damn it is awesome. Since I couldn’t get into the a plane i did the next best thing, and shot down 4 with the AA gun :stuck_out_tongue: first kills, darn it was nice.

I was wrong, you were right lol, servers went boom, just hope i don’t lose my solider data, cause when i do manage to get on it’s missing


I enjoyed this game mode much more when it was called Red Orchestra.