Battlefield 1

WW1 based this time around. Oct 15th launch.

Air combat looks fun.

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That air to air bit, especially the ground attack, looks like everything Rise of Flight should have been.

The ability to ride horses and do the whole Lawrence of Arabia (or Indy: Last Crusade with that tank) is a nice surprise.

I think the World War One era is going to to be alternative universe stuff, i.e. ‘dieselpunk’ in that Crimson Skies kind of way. That’ll let them do weird weapons and odder match-ups.

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Did I see a guy in a full suit of armor with a machine gun? Was that a flak burst or did that Dr1 explode?

I think those who thought that WWI was just a bunch of guys sitting in trenches will be in for a surprise.

no need for it to be an alternate universe, diesel punk or whatnot. WWI was certainly already weird in that sort of way.

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I don’t think this is going to be a faithful WW1 game, but I’m kind of interested in it.

I never got super into BF3, and never touched BF4 because if I want to drive a tank or shoot an M4, I have much more fun and can do much cooler things in Arma.

This new game looks removed enough from that I could just sit down, play a few rounds and enjoy it. Most probably while belting out 1910s era jingoistic phrases

ARMA is like a good book.

Battlefield is like a good movie.


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The TE Lawrence bit certainly looked interesting. “Take no prisoners!” or something to that effect.

IF they stay faithful to WWI Im gonna love the rage quitting by players when they realize they cant ever hit stuff with the tanks.

[quote=“Tyco, post:8, topic:1964, full:true”]
IF they stay faithful to WWI [/quote]

This is much, much too much to hope for.


The tanks shouldn’t be able to get anywhere in the first place without spending a reasonable part of the day on it. From the video it looks like it could outrace a leopard and abrams.

I wouldn’t expect that. Go into this expecting arcade combat, but hopefully enjoyable arcade combat. I’ve been growing tired of the endless cavalcade of unimaginative modern and near future warfare. Going back to WWI is more than enough to interest me, especially if they remake titan mode from 2142 with Zeppelins.

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I like what I see in that trailer (call me odd but I preferred it to the new Call of Citizen, No Man’s Star edition :weary:)…
At the same time it game me the impression space were very… condensed? Like everything was happening in a very small room.

Maybe was the Zeppelin flying so low, the planes fly so low, the camera always shooting the scenes from a very low POV…
Still it rocked.

I wouldn’t buy it unless is really really cheap but it’s looking positively ambitious.

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well they used to have some pretty big maps in the old battlefield games. Caspian border, operation firestorm… But planes and things like that have always been low and slow compared to reality. I think the super hornet in BF3 had a topspeed around 400 knots. With a corner speed of about 300. Also if you got higher than a few km your controls would lock up untill you’d fallen enough to regain them.

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Oh yeah, I played a lot of BF 3- but my concern is that (as always i this sort of fast paced FPS) all the action has to be crammed in the eyes (monitor) of the player so he’s not losing any of the “cool bits”.
This just from a SP, Action movie narration- perspective.

Nothing terrible, but I prefer the pacing of ARMA 2 and 3 campaign (BLASPHEMY!)…

Which incidentally sounds extremely cool- a WWI MOD for ARMA 3- now that I think of it! :astonished:

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If the number of downvotes to upvotes on Youtube is any indication, you’re far from being odd.

When I saw the reveal video, my first thought was, “Chris Roberts called, he wants his game back.” Nice to know I wasn’t the only one one.

Well, to be honest that part of the trailer with the take off 2 orbit has more than just a flavor of No Man’s Sky.

I got the sneaking suspicion that someone up high at Activision (or whoever produces CoD) watched that NMS ground-to-orbit gameplay and said “Hey that’s cool! Put that in the next Call of Duty!”

But alas…
I imagine next CoD after this one will have the Redux of Modern Warfare 2?

The surprising (at least to me) popularity of BF1’s setting seems to indicate that the consumer base responds to historical settings more readily than a science fiction one. So, while that means my dreams for an RPG set in seaQuest DSV are utterly dashed, it indicates that gamers are pretty big history buffs.

That said, Infinite Warfare seems to be a retelling of the first Killzone. I’m okay with that as I enjoyed Killzone back in the day and being able to play it at a frame rate about 20FPS and in an engine that wasn’t reminiscent of playing flashlight tag when I was 8 could be enjoyable. It all looked pretty cool, but then comes the fighter section. The blast off and such was all neat, but then when you see the space combat? I can barely go back and play the Ace Combats, let alone what’s going to be a secondary portion to a CoD.

It was doomed to this reception from the get-go; it didn’t get across the sort of epic feeling that you want out of a science fiction setting.

Important question: which season would be the basis?

Personally, I’ve always longed for a Space: Above and Beyond game.

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Captain Nathan Hale Bridger and his trusty Ensign Darwin. Plus the evil Dr Z!


Season one, of course!

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