Battlefield V


It’s actually " ***, mark my words."

EDIT: Too soon?


I think you just described anything EA puts out, and perfectly at that. But you forgot the part where they also yell, “moar Lootboxes!”


They will sell millions of copies. They could make Battlefield VI Cooks vs.Waitresses, put a battle royale mode in it, and still push dividends to stock holders.

Far Cry 5 is the biggest selling title of 2018 to no one saying it was good.

And you nailed it. The choices don’t have to make sense when the core audience is 13 years old. They can put holo sights on MP44s, make all the upgrade menus console easy, and be as Woke as they want, and still make all the money.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam anyone?


I probably put 5 to 10 hours in the game over the weekend and like many I’m not sure what to make of it overall. Still doesn’t provide me with the gaming satisfaction I received while playing BFBC2, but I need to get out of my head that will ever come back. Visually it reminded me very much of BF1 and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Although you can make it as pretty as you want, but if the gameplay isn’t there it won’t matter for long term enjoyment of the title.

Took me a bit to realize that playing as a medic you don’t have unlimited med packs and support doesn’t have unlimited ammo to deploy. At first I thought that hampered game play, but what I found was that overall the matches tended to be very close and you didn’t get completely lopsided wins like you used to so perhaps this is not a bad change overall.

Anyway, I’m glad I have not purchased it yet and I’ll wait it out and see how the final release goes before I decide to do so.


Reminds me of this video, which was telling even for 2011:


Well, I lied.

I did not sit it out. I purchased BF5 when the standard edition got released. I have over 15 hours until it so far. (since Tuesday)

EA/Dice made some changes since the beta, for the better, and it plays better to me. I was watching streamers play the early access version and it seemed many changes were for the better.

Graphics/sound are always good in BF games. Gameplay and how guns/rifles feel are really good, although I haven’t unlocked most things yet. Spotting enemy without the red doritos has improved since the beta. The attrition system where you don’t have a huge amount of ammo or regenerating health is not as penalizing as in the beta, but it’s still there, forcing you play a bit more thoughtfully.

The time to kill mechanic is reasonable-ish. It’s not like the old BF games where you dump a full mag into somebody, they turn around and kill you. If your bullets are on target and you shoot first, you’re likely to get the kill. I think the TTK is a wee bit too quick, but it’s better than in old BF games.

On the downside, there are still a few bugs in the game. Grand Operations on Devastion map is buggy and won’t end when the death counter is zero. Luckily it finally ended for me when the timer reached zero. There were some respawn/menu issues. I’m sure you can find videos about people complaining about certain aspects.

If you’re a diehard fan, but haven’t gotten it yet, I would recommend giving some recent videos a look and see if that’s what you like. If you haven’t come back to the game after playing the beta, give it another look.

If you don’t have money burning in your pocket, I’d wait a month or two for some bug fixes and extra content to drop.

If you thought BF2 was a last good BF game, then don’t buy it. If you liked BF1, you’d probably like this.


I wasn’t going to buy it either, but I did the $15 a month plan through Origin and I’ve been enjoying the game a bunch so far.


I did the same and have enjoyed it so far (also gave me a chance to try the latest Madden, etc.).

They are still getting beat up over that initial release video but it seems like they are trying if this “live” service pans out like they describe.

So far have only had one match end in the “last man standing” map but it ended with a fight over the church, was pretty cool.


I had the chance to play through The Last Tiger campaign last Sunday on my brother’s massive projector system. I’m not sure how big the screen is, but he spared no expense. The screen covers the entire wall of one end of his home theater room, and is audibly transparent, enabling him to put the front part of his surround speakers and subwoofer behind it. It’s big enough that the characters in the game are life sized. It’s ridiculous. We were also sipping some bourbon while playing, so please take my comments with a grain of salt.

Suffice it to say that I was pretty much blown away by the experience, especially the sounds and interior of the tank during the cut scenes. I believe that Dice did a wonderful thing by leaving in the original language and using subtitles. I think that played a large part in suspending disbelieve and motivating the player’s forming a relationship with the main characters. At times it did lend one to believe that the story line was pushing a political view, but that in turn was necessary to the plot.

Sure, much of the game play provides unrealistic physics and performance of the weapons. I was expecting this. But in this campaign, and it was the only one the I played, I thought that the plot did a reasonably good job of telling the story of a tank crew whose members were trying to fight a patriotic battle in the midst of the BS government propaganda which put them there in the first place. In other words, I don’t play many shooters these days, so one that is compelling enough to for me to play through a campaign in one sitting is definitely hitting some hot buttons.

I would more likely play it on a console, but am dying to see ray tracing in the flesh. So will get the PC version.

If you are sure that you will not be buying it, here are all of the cut scenes from The Last Tiger. If you are sitting on the fence, then I’d say watch it to get a taste, but no more than half of this video. Definitely not the end. And I want Peter Muller’s jacket.


I guess I should download BV as I got a free copy with my new PC (actually, I think it came with the graphics card).


To me it really is one of the more fun MP experiences I’ve had in the Battlefield series for a while now. Know that the title has been panned universally by players and critics alike, but personally I’ve found it to be a pretty decent release.