Battlefield V

A graphical tour-de-force obviously, and weird seeing 109’s etc in the footage.

While the ‘battle royale’ mode at the end with fire looked ok (although timed to perhaps to be over that PUBG/Fortnite fad?) what I’d really like to see in Battlefield games would be:

  • Get rid of that ‘spawn in vehicles’ mechanic. Just make it like Battlefield 2 of old where anyone could grab something. :older_man:

  • Put back in the ‘Commander’ role, with the map, and give points for following orders.

  • Have some modes for slower-paced maps. It’s like we’re destined to play Operation Métro choke-point carnage every time.

Anyway, the alpha is out - anyone have it?

I super don’t get this battle royale fascination myself.

But alas. Rest of the game looks ok. But if the netcode is as bad as the last couple I played count me out again.

One thing that used to annoy me was that the random start positions for those games used to make it unfair, as in, you could land near a fantastic rifle or not. Then I realized that this may actually be some of the appeal, in that if you win then you’re ‘just plain good’ and if you lose you can say, ‘I had a bad start location’. For multiplayer it provides a nice physiological get-out to be tempted to just go into the next round. That, plus the longer you play the more you learn the maps (even if the loot changes) and then it feels good just killing new people because you know where to run at the beginning.

They are also ideal streaming fodder, so probably one of the first game mechanics built around what would be good for twitch etc.


If that trailer is representative of the actual gameplay there will be no 'slower-paced" anything.


If they could take that engine an make a 1 vs 2 asymmetrical game based on the Terminator Franchise…

Terminator: Battle Royale!

By the anvil of Crom, I can hear the voice chat spam already:
“Get. Out.”
“I’ll be back.”
“Your clothes. Give them to me.”

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If they could just stop trying to do History, that would be enough.

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BF2142 was good. EMP’ing the mech and getting on-board the Titan as a squad was great fun.


Yes, I played BF5 alpha, in the first alpha phase.

I gave my impressions here, followed by others saying how everything BF sucked except for BF2.


and BC2. Don’t forget BC2.


Ah yes, Apologies @saghen - I remember seeing that now. Man, the tech looks great.

FYI, the BF 5 public beta is out for everyone to play until next Tuesday. 2 maps for conquest and grand operations on narvik.

Been playing the beta for a couple of days now. Graphically and audibily, it’s great, but there are several issues with it.

For any of the very few people here considering getting it, I would recommend playing the beta to see if you like that play style.

Levelcap does a frank assessment on the state of the game. Based on my experience, I agree with virtually everything he said. BF3, BF4 and BF1 were day one purchases for me. I’m leaning towards sitting it out and see how it plays out for awhile.

Levelcap BF5 Beta Review

After all the time that’s passed I still don’t understand why most shooter games seem to get the proportions of most firearms so danged inaccurate, especially for WW2 era arms. This is especially jarring for AAA productions like Battlefield V because they should have the budgets to get that stuff right.

One of the comments called it “Busywork 5” Lol

“Bleeding Out Simulator” is a good one as well.

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Played a couple hours this morning. It’s fun but nothing to write home about.

Same beautiful art direction, graphics and UI which we’ve come to expect from a AAA experience which is the front end to an FPS that’s pretty bland.

Not like, plain sawdust oatmeal bland, it at least has a few craisins and a splash of maple syrup, but the craisins are few and far between and syrup is actually pancake syrup (high fructose corn syrup), not the good stuff. It’s a shame too because there are some legit good ideas in BF5. The game design is too streamlined and simplified for any of them to have any meaning though.

There are more than a few glaring omissions of WW2 classics… so start taking bets on what the first DLC is now.

I’ll buy the gold edition in two years for $25. Before then? Mmmm nah.


Played the beta for a couple of hours. I’ve played BF1942, BF2, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 and enjoyed most of them immensely. Strangely enough, Battlefield V seems to suffer from a mismatch between what I wanted from a WWII-themed Battlefield game and DICE’s vision.

I enjoyed the gunplay, the incredible graphics, the top notch sound design. However, I played a couple of hours of Post Scriptum (a Squad-esque WWII game that has more in common with Project Reality) and my immediate reaction was : « Now THAT is a WWII game. » BFV didn’t give me that impression at all. I’m well aware of the SJW controversy, but I believe this is a clear case of DICE’s upper management being wildly out of touch with what the fan-base wants. I was fighting a battle in Norway with a whole squad of british asian riflewomen that looked nothing like the « paratroopers » they were supposed to be depicting. It pulled me out of the « WWII » experience. I don’t know… I’m all for being progressive and raising awareness on social issues, but I think there is a time and place to send these messages. A Battlefield game isn’t one of them.

I think BFV will be one of the only BF games I don’t pre-order. It seemed like a hollow game with no sense of identity…. Wanting to be too many things it’s not meant to be.

I’m wondering, will we see any other nations like Japan, USA or the Soviet Union?

There has to be two stages of development in any modern Battlefield game. Stage one a group of people creating a comprehensive pallet and vision visual and audio arts, and then painstakingly realizing that vision. Then I’m assuming EA or someone comes along, says “not cool enough”, and makes them turn it into whatever a 13 year old would think is Operator given the apparel of that age. Why are the German running around in face masks? Why are British Medics wearing RAF Aviator oxygen masks? Why are both sides wearing the exact same camouflage smocks?

Why does DICE choose historically distinct periods for their games, and then make such an effort to remove all of the elements that made that era distinctive?

I don’t mind that there are ladies in the game, but if you want to make something memorable, why not some sort of asymmetric guerilla thing where it’s Germans vs the Maquis? or this small affair called The Eastern Front. Or, why not set the game in a setting where such things would not be considered out of place? Perhaps in a setting they’ve already developed, like BC or BF214X?

DLC, mark my words.