Battleship North Carolina Power Plant Special Program


A bit late notice, but for anybody in this neck of the woods who’s interested, we’re doing the annual Power Plant/ Engineering tour aboard the North Carolina next Saturday. So, if you’d like to come down (or up) to Wilmington and spend the afternoon crawling around all the engineering spaces on the ship after listening to me prattle on about electrical theory, generation, and distribution (among other more interesting topics on boilers, steam plants, and steering systems), feel free to ping me or sign up!


If it weren’t all across the globe from where I’m at and way out of my means to just go there at a whim I’d sure love to take you up on that :slight_smile:


Same here, Bro.


Dang…I’m working Saturday through Tuesday that weekend. :frowning: Please do let me know of other dates you do this, I’d love to bring the boys down…(actually, they are too young yet)


Man I would love to do that. Damn geography. Are you going to be streaming any of it? Or uploading at all? I would be very interested


So, the Power Plant tour is always the second weekend in February, every year. As for the others, maybe see about starting them with a Battleship 101 weekend? That’s basically the open tour, but there are experts and tour guides along the way to explain things you’re seeing and answer questions and stuff. Now that my schedule is evening out a bit more, I’ll be down for those more often, and depending on work schedules and getting the dog watched, I could meet you down there for a day or weekend trip. Maybe bring the better halves sometime as well, or see if we could talk @531Ghost into driving down from E-City.

Edit: here’s more information on the Battleship 101 events:


Oooooh, this is a very good question. You know, let me reach out to the curator and ask if there’s been any thought given to that. At the very least, we may be able to do something like that with the lectures, though the tour would need more time/ equipment to do something like that.


Well, I’m watching Battleship to make up for missing this…
That’s a good Navy movie, right?


One of my kids was on JPJ when they were filming, though he didn’t make into any background scenes- let’s just say he has a face only his mama could love. And hey, that is my old ship in there.

I have to admit, I’m still in awe of how fast those old salts could light off 8 boilers and raise steam in all 4 engine rooms, especially considering how long Mighty Mo had been out of service…


Yes you can handbrake turn a battleship! You can!


Haha, you so funny!

Go to gulag. One million years. Play Cold Waters.


I mean, it worked in Pirates of the Caribbean…


May I refer you all to the Official Navy training documentary on Battleship deployment NAVEDTRA 134A here: (warning - non PDF)


Could the Missouri really be started up again like that?


Nope. Not without a few years in the yards inspecting steam and water piping and repacking valves, replacing pretty much all the pumps in lower level, probably overhauling the boilers, don’t even get me started on the electrical bits, and you can bet the bunkers arent holding any appreciable quantities of NSFO (Navy Standard Fuel Oil). And even if the plants had been kept in operable condition, there’s the question of time and manpower. And experience. You’d need at least a dozen people between each fire room and engine room, and you’d need at least 6 hours to really get the steam plant warmed up- especially after that long without operating.

And that’s just off the top of my head…




My recruiter was onboard for that. Apparently the entire crew had a blast, and she was a very gracious guest.


Heh, I imagined. Thank you for the explanation. :wink:
I owe you one.


Only if they bong me aboard.

Will the wardroom be open? Will there be coffee and doughnuts? … What?…It’s what I do on Navy ships. :sunglasses:


Normally that’s where us volunteers have lunch, actually, though it can be rented out for events as well (my last company had a couple of board meetings there, since their headquarters is literally across the river), and Kim is usually nice enough to bring us breakfast before we get things started.

So when ya coming down?