Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

For the Battlestar Galactica fans out there, here comes a turn based space strategy game set in the universe. Takes place during the original Colonial vs. Cylon war, and models are based on the original TV show from 1978.

Set to release at the end of the month, there are already some previews out there and some game play video’s from You-tubers like Scott Manley.

Looks like I’m going to have to brush up on my Colonial mannerisms and get ready to frack some toasters.


Hard Six Rolling Simulator 2017


Played the first two missions this morning. I have to say, I am impressed so far. The first few missions are mainly tutorials, but they were a blast to play through. Seeing a Battlestar fire off its flak to keep enemy missiles at bay is really something to see.

Each turn you get to chose each ship or squadrons movement, stance and weapons fire. After you end your turn you get to watch it play, a few heart stopping seconds at a time. And after the battle is all done, you get a chance to watch the whole battle play out in real time.

I haven’t done much with the campaign side of things yet, my guess is that will be covered in the upcoming missions.

If I’ve done this right, the video should show up once it is done uploading, more than likely I have not done it right and will need to fix it tonight when I get home.

Until next time.

So say we all!


Yep, looks like it stalled @DeadMeat? No video.

After a refresh it’s working for me now, is it working for you?

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Video is working good. I looked at this with interest.

edit: The right shoulder Viper view is crazy!

Fracking works for me.

Yep, me three - very nice!

It looks great, but being turn based means I’m unlikely to play it.

At least is We-Go. Pretty cool mechanic…

Taking out some Cylon infested communication satellites when we get ambushed by some toasters. Fight was going well when I learned an important lesson; you really have to pay attention to the location of all ships and any possible course change they may make during a turn.

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El video problemo

Odd, it’s working for me, what error are you getting? Is anyone else having problems?

Yeah, it’s saying it’s unavailable.

OK, looks like that was my fault, I had it set to private instead of public. Should be able to view it now.