Battletech beta just around the corner

Harebrained Schemes’ beta for Battletech is due to launch June 1st. Here is the latest video showing a multiplayer match between 2 of the devs. The beta is supposed to have skirmish mode, with the full Merc campaign coming on launch scheduled for later this year. Very interested in this title, looks like the Battletech game I’ve always wanted on the PC.

Teaser Trailer


Looking forward to some AAR soon! :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Deadmeat did you pay in to the Beta tier? I kicked the $35 for the game but I think I am going to wait until release…

I did, though when the beta is released on the 1st I’ll be on vacation. Going to have to wait a few day before I can jump in and test it.

I’m guardedly excited for this- I love Battletech but I’ve been burned before.

Reviews and screenshots as soon as the NDA allows it please? :slight_smile:

Backed it and can’t wait to play the beta.

I’ll post impressions on release of the beta, but fair warning I’m not the most demanding person out there when it comes to BattleTech or Warhammer40k games, as long as it’s fun I tend to be happy with it, for example I spent probably 1000+ hours with MWO despite all the flaws.


I’ll be happy with X-COM 2 with Mechs.

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Considering that they have a good reputation with their Shadowrun games, I was less concerned about backing this one. From the video’s I’ve seen, I’m really excited to jump into it, and can’t wait for the single player campaign.


I feel confident that it won’t be vaporware and that it will be released in the fall. So it was worth it to me to back it at the lowest tier to get the game for $35. I couldn’t bring myself to drop $60 though to get a cutdown version a few months early. Damn you @deadmeat for making me want to now though…

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So Battletech is out next week. And I am reading that it is a lot like XCOM?? Am I reading this correctly or is someone just drawing a broad comparison?

I am watching a play through of the first 66 minutes to try and gauge this but an XCOM mech game with RPG elements would hit the spot. Right in that itchy part of my brain.

Then you want this.

Fanatical has it for less than Steam but gives a Steam key…


This is definitely looking like the best Battletech game to come out in a long time. I was a part of the Backer Beta, which was just the skirmish mode, and the combat was solid.

The Campaign was not active during the beta, but from what I’ve seen in the Dev Blogs and videos I’ve see, it looks like its going to really in-depth. There is a story to the campaign, but you don’t have to follow it. It sounds like if you ignore it completely then the conflict in the campaign will still continue and the side you would normally back will loose. This doesn’t end the game, just changes the political landscape.

Once it does come out and I get some time to play it, I’ll let you know what I think.


Necro-thread to see if anyone is excited about the Urban Combat expansion. Looks interesting and I am just about due to revisit this (or pick another random game :slight_smile:).

@Tankerwade, @DeadMeat and @Bogusheadbox: You guys still mech-ing it up?


I’ve never heard of this battle tech. Must of missed it somewhere along the line. Is it worth a look? I assume it’s like mech warrior or titanfall.?

I am looking forward to this expansion, I love urban warfare in Battletech.

@Victork2, Battletech is what Mechwarrior is based on. Battletech is a tabletop board game and RPG. This game is based on that model. It’s turn based and you play more as the commander than the actual Mechwarrior, but it is quite in depth and a blast to play.


That is completely different to what I was imagining. It sounds really cool. I love turn based stuff like x com and the original fallouts. I’ll put it on my wishlist and wait for a sale. Thanks :blush:

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Oh you’ll love this. But you need to learn to pull for power first mate!

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Yes. That was a new sensation. Hence the tail and the fuselage parting immediate company lol

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@Fridge they said the two words - destructable and rooftops…I am in!

The game needs things to hide behind. Forests just feel like place to end your turn on because of cover bonus. Battletech needs a few objects on the map bigger than you. Excited.

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I guess I missed the Flashpoint DLC. Is it any good? Considering the Season pass for $59 Canadian beaver dollars, getting Flashpoint and Urban Combat is $45 anyway…