BBMF Lancaster to display in Europe

On Thursday 4th May, the BBMF Lancaster PA474, one of only two flying Lancaster Bomber aircraft still in airworthy condition, will be flying a commemorative sortie over Belgium and the Netherlands. The Lancaster Bomber played an important part in the Liberation of the Continent, and this flight also serves as a commemoration of Operation Manna which saw the Lancaster used in a humanitarian capacity, delivering food and supplies to those in need in the Netherlands. As opportunities to leave the British mainland are quite rare, the sortie comprising of 22 flypast sites will certainly be one to look out for!


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Schedule of flypasts in Belgium and Holland


Engineers have been working into the night conducting rectification work on the Lancaster ahead of todays flight to Belgium and the Netherlands. Now servicable,

Airborne at 1040 local, with the timings over Belgium and the Netherlands being one hour later than previously advertised :belgium::netherlands:



I spotted her while working this afternoon. She was glorious. What a sound!


She got home safely


Did we already discuss the Guy Gibson commemorative flight on Tuesday 16th? I know I’ve been discussing it with my biking pals, but can’t remember if it was detailed here or not.

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I dont think so. Please tell…

Made my day that you got to see her!


I’ll go and get the info from FB - it’s where I heard of it and discussed the various ways to enjoy it on the bike.

Here ya go:

I see it’s the op itself rather than GG commem. Badly informed, but near enough :wink:


Makes me wish I lived in Lincolnshire… Almost :wink:

I now understand what it is like for for most Europeans to comprehend the scale and vastness of Australia… but in reverse.

I look at a map like that with no scale and automatically think that the dots are a couple of hours apart not a couple of minutes. I am having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around a Lancaster overflying all those (former) airfields in just over an hour.