Beach Invasion 1944 clips

Beach Invasion 1944… I’m ashamed to admit that I am having a blast with this 8-dollar action game on Steam. You play in levels, get points and repair or unlock new weapons, just to what you want. Shoot crates and add special effects like armor rounds, incendiary rounds, etc etc

(Sure, it will get boring fast, and no saving but nothing like a quick holiday stress release like this. lol)

Beach Invasion 1944 clips - YouTube



(Yes, Mudspike spam checker, that IS a complete sentence. Stop mothering me!)

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It’s funny, and kinda sad… I broadcast sims and tac shooters all the time, sure I suck at most games and just a basic broadcaster. But I usually get no views during broadcast, and maybe 3 to 5 views watched later. And I’m OK with that, mainly do it for myself and the 5 friends or so who watch them…

But this 8-dollar action game has gotten almost 100 views of my broadcast, and 25 views of my clips I put on You Tube. lol… but I did lose a follower on You Tube, it went from 108 to 107 for it.

Why do I even bother? Got the bug when I was running SimHQ (land and armor), and haven’t really dropped the desire to share, even if to 1 or 2 fellow gamers. lol.

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