@BeachAV8R and the MUDSPIKE staff: THANKS

In case you missed it, in the AI thread today, @Poneybirds asked ChatGPT to write a MUDSPIKE poem. This was the reply. If a machine can glean this from human communication, IMHO, you should be proud of what you guys have created and nurtured. Yes, I’ve had a few beers, but I’m hugging my CPU right now.

„Please write a mudspike forums poem“

In the realm of Mudspike, where aviators dwell,
A vibrant community, with stories to tell.
The forums alight with passion and cheer,
A sanctuary for pilots, a haven sincere.

From virtual skies to the digital seas,
Our members explore with grace and ease.
We share our knowledge, experiences, and lore,
Together we conquer, and always seek more.

In the threads of the forums, our journey begins,
With tales of adventures, losses, and wins.
From the roar of the engines to the hum of the blades,
We forge everlasting friendships and escapades.

In the cockpit we sit, hands steady and true,
Our eyes on the horizon, skies sapphire blue.
The Mudspike family, a bond we all share,
A love for the flight, a passion we wear.

We challenge each other, through trials and strife,
In the virtual battles, we sharpen our life.
Through the haze of the clouds, a beacon we see,
The Mudspike forums, where we all long to be.

So raise up your throttles and tighten your straps,
For the Mudspike forums are where it all happens.
From the dawn’s first light to the dusk’s last ember,
In Mudspike, we gather, and forever remember.



Love it!


Thats awesome!

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I fear Discobot feels threatened and upstaged, right now… :grin:


Amazing :astonished:

Ain’t it a bit scary at the same time?


I think you are correct.

What do you think Discobot?

@Discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so


This is getting scarier by the minute…! :flushed:


I for one welcome our new AI Overlords and Masters…




In a recent survey, AI industry workers gave it a 10% chance of destroying humanity (averaged among respondents). I am in full freak-out mode.

Lovely poem though.


Phew, you had me worried for a moment there. Humanity has a much better chance of destroying humanity than 10% :stuck_out_tongue:

And I agree, it is a lovely poem. It would seem almost ‘empathetic’ :worried:


Just wow.

I just signed up for Github Copilot (AI coding helper, which I believe is going to transition to ChatGPT in near future). This is in the hopes that it will do the coding on my behalf and I am just a middle man collecting the profit :wink:

If you can’t beat them, join them.


That is a fantastic poem that embodies the whole of the Mudspike spirit …well done sir :smiley:


Hey global warming and the ensuing instabilities are going to do most of us in way before the AI gets to go rogue.


dr strangelove GIF


Loved that movie. IMO it remains a relevant reflection on humanity. And funny too!

Poetry aside I’ve seen how AI [algorithms, those that reinforce my tendencies & biases], has already changed things.

Re-watched a Lex Friedman episode with Max Tegmaric. Somewhere after the linked time he makes a comparison between AI (in the form of drones) and bio-weapons. Then later on how one person, when I was a kid, might have saved us all. Again. Had AI been making the decisions I wonder what might have happened.

I’ll check that out. Just yesterday I was grinding through a behavioral-like algo to drive my high-level strategy…thing. Time is my real problem.


In my opinion Dr. Strangelove is one of the best comedy ever, although it is quite dark topic.

Stanley Kubrick was a genius, who directed some of the best movies in each category:

Comedy: Dr. Strangelove
War: Full Metal Jacket
Horror: Shining
Scifi: 2001 Space Odyssey

And also Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut, Spartacus, Barry Lyndon. Don’t really know which categories they would belong, but great movies nonetheless.


So beautiful


For programming, Copilot and GPT4 are simply incredible.

I lead a fairly large department (Sales) within my organization, and I have been pressuring my teams hard to learn to use these crazy tools that seem to drop left and right. I feel that for knowledge workers the chances of being surpassed, whether by humans using AI or just the AI, are very, very high.