Bear Simulator - Can we stop now please?

I think we’ve reached peak sim.

Next up, a sim where you are making a sim, dressed as a clown.

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I thought we reached the peak long ago

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$14.99! Holy Bear Crap!

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Pretty sure that’s the DLC…


I remember a while back reading about Goat Simulator and thought it was a wind up, but no its for real!

Nothing surprise’s me any-more in simulator world, but try and get a dream military or GA sim these days its much more difficult and as it should be, just seems a shame people with coding talent think this is the way to go for a quick buck :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for Ant Simulator myself.

A Will Wright 1991 classic - it was actually a very good game:

As for Goat Sim, it was kind of fun as it had a ‘hook’ of being just a plain old destruction simulator. The devs were playing around and it just seemed like the sort of thing a goat would do, destroy stuff. I don’t mind those type of games, as they aren’t ‘We are really making a Goat Sim’ but just fun playthings. The trouble with ‘Bear Sim’ is you can’t tell if they are serious or not :smile:


LOL Fearless I never knew it existed, honestly! when I made my post I was thinking of an obscure creature that could not possibly be a sim and there we go! LOL

I’m flabbergasted :slight_smile:

What about Wasp simulator then … heheh

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I guess a Bear sim could be fun if you could do this …

part two

part three

Way too cute.


No. Just no. And that comes from a person who does own the Goat Simulator. :smiley:

Is this a FPS?


I loved Ant Simluator, BTW. Very addictive game.

Someone needs to work on integrating Bear Sim and Goat Sim so players can see and interact with each other.

And then add in Arma and DCS.

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Might aswell sprinkle in some SAM simulator and Steel Beasts while they’re at it :innocent:

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After reading the thread title, I seriously thought for a second that it s abaut some old or indie sim featuring Tupolev Tu-95!


I thought the title read “Beer Simulation”, lol…

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I’d definitely take either a Beer or Tu-95 Sim rather than this. :beer:

Finally we have a simulator made for VR!
(and actually ONLY playable with VR, and damn expensive)

Mechanic Simulator was actually pretty good though.

I saw some videos and thought it looked pretty cool. I just wondered about the depth, are there many parts like motors and gear boxes to really look inside?

I’ve heard good things too - a lot of it seems to be realistic in that you hook up the diagnostic computer and it tells you codes to go fix.

Spent a few hours on the latest RL sim DirecTV HD DVR Replacement and all its codes… 6069, 3148, 2466, 9876, ooops should have put in a spoiler alert :sunglasses:

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