Beast from the East cost me £120!!!

Booked weeks ago to got to York for 2 nights this Thursday and Friday and of course a bit of snow has brought the country to a stop and now we can’t get our money back for the room unless they re-sell it! :persevere: £120 down for the privilege!

What a bunch of thunder****s (dotted out word rhymes with ‘punt’)


Also… sorry for the caps…

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That sucks we have a policy of full refund if cancelled within 24 hours. Who did you book accommodation through?

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Apparently it’s 48 hours there… I’m not too sure as OH booked it, I’ll ask her later and post.

From russia, with love…

No but seriously, what’s all this fuss about a little snow?

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I know lol the country has come to a standstill! I bet @tempusmurphy is having a great time at his station with the trains!

If you have seen how uk people drive in poor conditions, you would understand the fuss.

(i can’t help think how much Scandinavian countries laugh at the demise of the uk with a light dusting of snow.)

here are some more examples. Trains run late because tracks get too hot. Run late because there are leaves on the line. Summer, roads melt. Last sumer gatwick airport fire services were watering the taxiways.

And through heavy rain, light snow, or any other condition, the general public think that 90+ mph with 200m vis whilst on the wrong side of the road on a blind corner overtaking a truck is a safe and acceptable way to drive.

Ahh the uk. Home of the “its not my fault” mentality

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You don’t have to go that far North for the headscratching to start. :wink:

even just outside london its knocked out the trains for the last 2 days … tuesday was classic … no trains( Network rail wanted us to run a reduced service so when the storm hit trains were not stranded)
… so there I am at a closed station telling everyone no trains because of bad weather … in beautiful sunshine and not a cloud in the sky … bloody cold … but no snow till the next day …lol


lmao. That is hilarious.

Our roads and stuff look worse than that still and it’s positive temps here. We function in most weather though.

Had quite a lot of snow up North and it’s still snowing. It may not be a lot compared to other countries who just carry on as normal but they aren’t clearing the roads here, buses and delivery lorries aren’t getting through. The village i live in has no milk or bread left and unless the weather changes won’t for the next few days… It’s silly but it’s happening. There just aren’t any snowploughs and gritters around.

This photo from earlier in the day and the road is covered. Went for a walk this morning and snow drifts of a couple of feet and more to come…may not sound a lot lol

Glad we didn’t try to get to York as the mototrways are either shut or blocked for hours.


Where do you live Mace? I am up between Alnwick and Craster our road is impassable still and A1 closed between Alnwick and Berwick

Lambing pens last night brrr


Just south of Durham, been snowing all day.

I think you’ve got Sam Fisher hiding amongst the sheep lol


Yeah the NVG’s are a giveaway :slight_smile:


As someone living in Montreal, I feel bad for my friends in the UK. Suffering snow storms without an adequate infrastructure or equipment to clear out the streets is a nightmare. Sure,we get more snow over here, but we expect it nonetheless and we’re equipped for it.


this is what we need


Ahrm- umph…


in that picture of your road … I dont hold out much hope for your bins being emptied :grin:

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