Belgeode: Aerofly R22 in Orbx Netherlands


That ortho looks amazing, but the height mesh around Schiphol seems so flat? :wink:

Is that the Orbx TrueEarth Netherlands I guess, as it looks great? I’ll leave that dumb question up, to prove I don’t read the topic titles… :slight_smile:


Have you been to the Netherlands? They have one or two hills and that’s it - and they are not what anyone else in the world would call hills :slight_smile:

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But they also have pretty nice depressions where you actually are beneath the sea level. Like 7 meters :slight_smile: BTW “Netherlands” in French is called “Pay Bas” or “low country” :slight_smile: nice flying out there, Belgeode!

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Of course “nether” means lower in english too, and even the Dutch name for our country, “nederland” has “neder” in it which means… (drumroll) lower.

So yeah, those below-sea-level area’s are pretty defining of our national image you could say. Did you know schiphol airport is situated in one of those areas?

Well…that explains why my landing flares have always been too high at that airport… :open_mouth: