Belsimek DCS 2.5.2 Huey Game Mode

Since early June the Huey Game Mode has no Throttle.

DCS 1.5 had throttles

Oh, ok.
Still, I think the meat & bones of DCS modules is not in the game mode…

I am not farmiliar with the Game Mode in DCS but can you verify that your throttle is mapped in the settings?

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Hi @DRS !
Welcome to Mudspike! We like talking about flight sims here.
I am sorry to hear you cannot fly your Huey in game mode in recent DCS versions.

EDIT: as Fridge suggested, maybe this is not a big. Do you specifically mean throttle and not collective? Could you try mapping collective?

If this is a bug, this is not the right place to file a bug report. I suggest you go to, make an account there, navigate to the bugs section of the Huey subforum and make a bug report there. Make sure you are precise in your report. E.g. include screenshots (or track file if appropriate)

As a workaround, I suggest switching to an older DCS version. This can be done through the command prompt using DCS Updater or using Skatezilla DCS Updater GUI (hope you can do the googling yourself, I am on mobile. Maybe someone else can reply with the links?)

Hope this gets fixed soon and you can continue flying your Huey however you want it.
In the meantime, you could maybe try to fly the sim mode Huey? Look for tutorials on YouTube, there’s tons as many before you have struggled with it. There’s actually not that many button presses needed after auto-start to fire weapons, so I highly recommend it.

Hope you’ll stick around and join some discussions!


Throttle are not mapped in Game Mode.

I submitted this to DCS support in early June.

I submitted this to DCS forums in June.


Try looking for “collective” under “axis”

The amount of power applied to the rotor is managed not by throttle but by the collective control.


Throttles are handled differently in various sims and differet helos. I could on about how “less than brilliant” the FSX method is…Throttle for collective and Prop Pitch for throttle. Still the ore recent helos from MILVIZ and Dodo do a good job

But this is a DCS forum. I have had the MI-8 for a while. There is a “twist throttle” on the collective… (page 241 of the Mi-8 annual germane) . However, the two Power Levers, next to the collective (outboard) set the power/RPM of the engine…the check list says to keep them in the middle position…but the the generators won’t run and you get a warning (the voice of that lady from the Wendy’s Soviet Fashion Show) telling you your generators won’t work…setting them to full aft clears the warning and puts the generators on one…but I may be doing something wrong.

The Ka-50 is similar bt with no twist throttle just two “Differential control handles”…essentially te throttles and Power Levers.

The Gazelle…if you do a word search yogurt no hits. Evidently the engine automatically runs up to 100% when you start it.

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Turbine engines with the assocate lag are very difficult to manually control RPM with precision during the movement of the other controls. That’s why just about every turbine helicopter ever made normally handles engine RPM automatically. If a twist exists, it is there to gradually bring the engine up to operating RPM, manage non-normals and allow for autorotation practice. So you really don’t need to have the throttle(s) mapped unless you are a stickler for detail and have an axis to spare.


I use the X-52 Stick/throttle, mostly for how “loose” you can make the cyclic. It has a little slider that you can set as the twist throttle axis. In a couple of FSX helos it is an important part of the start up - specifically the Dodo B-206. So when I get in the mood for “As real as it gets” I use it in FSX…in DCS its my zoom slider!

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The Huey SIM has throttles.


That’s the TF-51D sim controls, though?

I think if you’ve let Eagle Dynamic’s know already @DRS then I’m not sure what we can do here at Mudspike.

I hope the omission gets fixed for you. If you ever would like to explore the Huey more from the sim side then there’s an excellent guide here:

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As other posters pointed out, throttle doesn’t buy you much in helicopters once it’s set to 100%. ED might have either eliminated it, or renamed it collective to more closely align with what the flight control input is actually doing.

In either case, collective commands appear in both the Axis and discrete button commands in the UH-1H Game settings section. Hopefully that helps :slight_smile:


You’re setting the TF-51 throttle.
If you want to lift the Huey you have to map the “Collective” axis.

Here is the Huey Sim Throttle


I get the feeling you do not understand what we mean by “use the collective”.

Try reading the “note about controls” around page 10 of Chuck’s guide, HERE on Mudspike and if that’s not enough, Google what collective and throttle (and Governor) are in a helicopter.

EDIT: also re-read @smokinhole and @near_blind replies once you have done the above. If you still don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask again


Above reaction sounds slot like RTFM. Sorry about that.

@DRS if you don’t want to read, that’s fine. Use the collective, it does the same as what throttle used to do, they just changed the name. As near_blind and smokinhole pointed out


Good. Now, are you familiar with the difference between Throttle and Collective on helicopters?

Hey @DRS

Just to clarify, I think that we are running into a problem of control naming. I understand that DCS 1.5 had (may have had, I can’t check) a setting in the game for ‘throttles’ in game mode but it appears to not have this in DCS World 2.5. However it does have entries for Collective … which is probably what you are looking for in the Huey.

For a short explanation (that I hope does not sound condescending): engine throttle setting increases/decreases the power generated by the engine where collective changes the angle of the helicopter blades as they travel through the air. In this case the engine is usually set at a specific power setting and ignored for the flight and the collective is used to raise/lower the helicopter.

Assuming you are using a keyboard or joystick buttons, the two entries you are likely looking for are:

If you are using a joystick axis, then you need this one on the Axis page:

If you are looking for more info, here is the page from the Quick Start guide:

This is all assuming that ED/Belsimtek changed the name of the control entries from version 1.5 to 2.5. In the Huey sim setting, there is an entry for throttle because, at the simulation level, it is a thing that you need to pay attention to and adjust.

If you have further questions, please feel free and we will try to help.


Just a question, but can anyone confirm whether or not throttle control is required for the game mode UH-1? I don’t own the module so can’t say.

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