Belsimtek Chrismas news

Belsimtek talk about two new projects to 2017, a resurrected on hold project (I think has the Cobra helo / Hind has on progress some time ago), and a collaboration with ED on a large project (new module / environment / DCS world feature or improve DCS: World old module (FC-3 / CA improvement) to hardcore level?.


F-111 confirmed! I’ll bet it will be out by late January!


Et tu quoque Brute? It must be the Intruder…

No no no nooo… A Korean War map, of course!

Hind and Korea map perhaps? Or an F-89 because im sure there is nobody here that would be interested in an F-111…

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Maps would be good, I am hungry for new vista’s!



Think about it… We have the best ever simulated F-86 and MiG-15, but no MiG Alley… that’s a shame. That’s the very definition of shame.

What’s a F-111…?

Pretty sure its just an Su-24 knockoff.


I think it’s time for wild speculation!

So, is the large unannounced project:

  1. DCS: Korea
  2. DCS: Carrier Ops
  3. DCS: F-15C
  4. DCS: Europe?

While I believe the stalled project is a Hind, I’d much prefer DCS: COBRAAA

DCS: Midwest, the most boring map you could possibly get!

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Not if they’ve got Ohio and Michigan on the map.

Or South Eastern Minnesota.

Or Iowa.

Or Illinois

Really only the Dakotas.

I have to ask if the sky is blue on the planet that you live on, at this point. :grin:

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Fly NOE down the Mississippi through the only non-glaciated area of the northern great plains? Sink Badger gunboats at La Crosse? Depending on how far north the map goes, stop rampaging Missourians from stealing from the Norwegians, or failing that stop the Norwegians from massacring the now fleeing Missourians. Pop up through the valleys to lob a bomb into Wisconsin then suffer a double engine flame out after ingesting roughly eight trillion mosquitoes simultaneously.

Wait, do Hornets come with windshield wipers? This might be an actual problem…

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If it’s so exciting there, why do they keep moving here like flocks of locusts?

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If you can tell the difference by sight when you look out of the cockpit you’ve probably been living there too long.

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I’d say the barbecue, but we all know that’d be a lie.

Probably has to do something with the fact all of my fond memories of the area involve the four months of summer the area gets, not the other eight months where it is transformed from a pleasant land full of peasant people to Europa, Fourth Moon of Jupiter.

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Don’t get so excited guys, BST is helping ED plan the company picnic this year, that’s it… :slight_smile:


To Korea…! Research and picnic…

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