Belsimtek F-5E Cockpit shots!

The Belsimtek F-5E is looking very, very good! Can’t wait to try this one out.

Source: here

I was not sure if this one was going to have a radar or not … but that is more due to my ignorance of the F-5E design and history. I need to start reading up on this.


It has a radar screen. Chances are good.

What’s that F-5 doing there?

I keep hoping one of these days will look over and say:

What’s that Hornet and Harrier doing over there?



I always thought it would be fun if there was no announcement and the F-18 just got patched in with nothing more than the last entry in the changelog.


This book has done more than anything since Top Gun to get me hyped about an F-5.

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Hehe, funny! I’ll start reading that one today (I finished “Tornado over the Tigris” yesterday).

Just last month I was in Bangkok. What does that have to do with F-5 Tigers? Apparently a lot!
I for one, cant wait! Royal Thai Air Force Museum Sabres and Tigers and MiGs, Oh MY! - SimHQ Forums

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