BelSimtek Interview

Belsimteck interview by PC Helicopter


Nice info, but…
Let’s just say I now understand my wife’s complainings a bit better. :confused:

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Actually much more info as a member of BelSimtek answers questions on Hoggit…including F-4 Phantom news coming this week!!!

I had to smile reading the interview, it truly fit Belsimtek’s tight-lipped style :slight_smile:

The posts on reddit are promising though. It would be great if BST would engage in a little more customer interaction. I do like their low-key communication approach with upcoming products. I think it is refreshing to learn about modules only once they are close to be finished. But with regards to issues with released modules BST should be communicating more.

The F-5E was pre-released in an excellent and almost complete state, but naturally there were some issues. Nothing game-braking, but some still quite annoying (such as altimeter lag, CBU-52 spread, gun dispersion or RWR functionality). Most of these issues were quickly reported during the (short) period until release. After this followed a full release (with those still present) and over a year of silence. Reading now that BST has finally acknowledged these issues make me very happy.

Also, reading that there is at least a chance of the F-4E in 2018 is probably the most exciting thing. Frankly I was not expecting this.

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