Belsimtek Mi-24P

Belsimtek update:

Mi-24P update:

3D model is not at the state when we are ready to flash it to tease you yet.

We’ve finished modelling of hover, takeoff and general performance in the air of this helicopter.

Currently team is working on Mi-24P crew AI. Mi-24P crew AI will be available as pilot or as gunner.

We are aiming to implement control over AI functionality with help of AI GUI which will allow you to use only 4 buttons to give AI specific commands regarding:

Hover menu
Target choice

Also we are working on AI crew targets detection logic. It will not be just all-seeing AI copilot/gunner, as you can see on pics below, AI behaviour will not be simplistic and during spotting its being modelled to mimic real pilots training logic for spotting targets. Things like distance, angle and illumination will be taken into account among many others.

1st pic. Dependencies check
2nd pic. Angles scheme
3rd pic. Experimental data analysis
4th pic. Example of AI GUI for speed control


This thread needs a kick butt set of development screenshots.
Sorry SD, you spoiled us… :slight_smile:

DCS World develop Pics [Mi-24P]


I want it so much. I am nearly as excited about this as I was the Tomcat. Its going to be excellent. I can feel it

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Hind! Hind! Hind!


SPO-10 ? Or better ? Not sure what rwr is in hind

SPO-10. It is in the dev notes. Somehow we seem to have two Hind threads…

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finally you showed up, almost fired SAR mission ( in the Xmas track thread ) :wink:


@nevo Yes, I kind of disappeared, didn’t I…first the family Xmas, then a little holiday out of town and ever since we’ve been back, we have been on full pelt “get stuff done” mode to get a few things ticked off before baby’s arrival.

We’re trying to finish the last 5% of almost 10 years of gradual, slow-going, renovations before March and child #2.

Boxed gardens, replace a few rotten boards, get the City Council compliance paperwork for completed alterations finalised…right now the house is fully surrounded by scaffolding for a repaint and I’ve spent the last two days in a harness on the roof, scrubbing painted concrete roof tiles with a bleach solution to get all the mould and lichen off before the painters arrive.

Can’t pressure hose it because the old house doesn’t have any building paper between the tiles and the cavity below…high pressure water goes straight through to the attic space…so that was 16 hours of scrubbing, lol.

So…the only flying I’ve done is a few circuits around my local airfield in the JustFlight Cessna 152 a few nights ago! A colleague gave me his old POH so I had to go and play with the thing while flipping through the pages a bit. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m still determined to go and finish the Xmas trek before the next one… :laughing: