Best ATC Sim?

I had this on my Steam wishlist for a long time now, but it seems like it might be finished in terms of development.

There also seems to be something called ATC 4, but can’t find much more info on it (sim marketing specialists obviously).

Anyone got any recommendations for the most accurate and stressful ATC out there?

I’m just gonna give everyone “descend via” and “climb via” clearances and go get myself some takeout Chinese and watch a game… ^

^ (Sorry…inside joke for pilots that think we are now doing ATC’s job for them (sometimes poorly) in some cases…)

My biggest gripe with “descend via” is that they will often not let you descend until you are well past TOD. Then throw Descend Via at you.

I’m a fan of this one:

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I’ll turn the descend via clearance down if they spring it on me and I don’t have time to brief it with the FO. I’ve been hearing others do the same too (American Airlines guys coming in to CLT). And you don’t have this problem…but we struggle with maintaining the airspeeds for some of the procedures. We can’t really accelerate to 290 knots in the climb since 250 is our profile until intercepting Mach .62 (I know, I know)…

For us the hardest part is getting slowed down in the descent, especially if there is a crossing restriction to honor and they don’t let you down on reaching TOD. The Global is kinda slippery.

As for the 250/M.62 profile, well, the view out the windshield is just the same. I had a F16 pilot tell me that once and he was absolutely correct - at least when not inverted :wink: .

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I would think that after learning the basics, working as a controller at something like VATSIM would be about as real as it could get without being a controller IRL.


Great point. I’ve been nothing but impressed with 99.9% of the controllers I’ve encountered on VATSIM.

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I had a look at their training stuff, and it looks good, but I’m looking for more a single player where if I mess up then LAX isn’t huge pile of smoldering airframes with angry pilots yelling at me. :slight_smile:

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I’d love to see a review by @BeachAV8R on Mudspike about that. :smiley:

Might as well collect these here, as I like the ATC games:

(via reddit)

A new one, pretty simple so far:

OpenScope. One that uses SIDs (but not STARs, hard work!). Looks really interesting so far:

EDIT: If you do try out OpenScope then I recommend setting the starting airport from SEATAC to something quieter like Halifax - the default airport is brutal for managing arrivals. :crazy_face:

sorry…didn’t realize this was an old thread. I should keep my rant powder dry :slight_smile: -> Wilco - Tower Simulator