Best checklists for the DCS FA-18

Trying to get back on track learning Hornet. I kind of fell off the wagon after I got through the included training missions.

I did a couple of cold starts the other night, once using the training mission and then the other using just Bunyaps guide. After once or twice with Bunyaps guide, I think I would be find with more of a checklist.

Can anyone recommend good checklists for the DCS F-18? Not just for cold starts, but also taxing take-off, approach, landing, etc… Weapons delivery would be great too, but I know some of those things are still changing somewhat…

I know there are some on the DCS website in the files section, but if someone can recommend some good ones, I would prefer that to me going through them all trial and error style.

I’m doing really well with those kneeboard checklists.I think they are concise and easy to read inside the cockpit.


Thanks. These look great!

Anyone know of something similar for weapons configuration and delivery?

here you go: