Best flight model in xplane 11

I’ve resigned to the fact that I cannot fly a sim with poor graphics. I tried FSX, and it’s a no go. DCS is my current go to right now, but given my low affinity for ww2 air combat, I’m branching out to try some new planes. My only requirement is the flight model physics be as true to life as possible. I cannot stand flying sims with an arcade feel. With that being said, which module in x plane 11 has the most realistic physics/systems? Are there any military aircraft modeled to a “DCS” level in xp11?

Well - you’re gonna get a wide array of answers. With regards to default XP11 aircraft, the default MD-80 and 737 are actually pretty darn good. Not PMDG quality, but good. Carenado and Alabeo both make pretty good aircraft for XP10 that are being ported over to XP11.

I’m also a fan of the 757 Professional and the 737 and 727 by FlyJSims - all three are really nice, old school aircraft.

It is really tough to give an opinion on which is the most realistic though.

Not really, no. X-Trident has some good military aircraft. The AMX is really cool, but I don’t know what its status in XP11 is. It has a really nice flight model…feels a bit underpowered, but that might well be how it is in real life. The Tornado is very good too, but it does not have DCS level systems/weapons/sensors modeling. I very seriously doubt any X-Plane module will approach DCS with regards to completeness and functionality of weapons and sensors.

Like I’ve said before - if we could only take the VRS Hornet and somehow put it into X-Plane’s world and physics…that’d be awesome.

Disclaimer: this is just my opinion but …

Pretty much any aircraft in x-plane feels more realistic than FSX flight model wise. The difference is chalk/cheese.

In terms of systems modelling you’ll have to look at 3rd party planes for a level of completeness. The stock planes are fine for the basics but expect generic GPS and only the fuel tank selector/cutoff to be usable for fuel management.

Although I haven’t tried it since XP 10, x737 is good. …and free.

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Anything by flightfactor. 767 is their most advanced and latest release. Those guys never dissapoint. Although i dobt have the 767 I do have the 757, 777, A350. All done by flightfactor. All excellent.

Do you get the 757 v2 upgrade for XP11? I have the XP10 version but was sort of sore at having to pay for the XP11 compatibility v2 and haven’t yet.

I broke down and bought it…I think I used a coupon that was in my old order in the X-Plane.ORG store…I’ll see if I can dig it up.

I can’t tell what the discount is…but my order was for the upgrade to the XP11 version of the JARA320 and the 757v2 and the total was $124.90 - $60 in discounts for a total of $64.90. So I’m guessing it was maybe $30 for each of them roughly…