Best lubricant for my ball?

I really just wanted to type that title.

But it is an actual question. I’m using my FLY5 controller lately, but the plastic ball at the base of the stick is very sticky feeling and not smooth. What is the best lubricant to use on a plastic/plastic ball joint? I’m assuming a dry lubricant or silicone or something?

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Yeah some PTFE spray would be perfect. Vaseline works too in a pinch if you need too. You don’t want anything too oily like WD-40, the film it leaves will get squeezed out a bit too easy.

You’ve got to properly clean your ball too Beach, it’s important to keep it all functioning properly!

EDIT: It’s a Beach Ball! Hah!


Well, to be fair, my ball was sitting unused for quite a period of time. As a matter of fact, when I took a close look at my ball, it had a cobweb on it, some dust, and generally didn’t look like a very healthy ball. Hopefully, with my newfound portable VR rig, my ball will get more of a workout.



oh my …

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I greased the ball in my hog with the stuff I got off buddyfox And that seems to work allright so far.


If you can get to your ball and put it in your hand, then I recommend some fine grits to rub on it first. Start with 400, then 800 followed up by 1000. You will want to get out all the wrinkles before that lube job. Just make sure it doesn’t go shooting out and land on the floor or somewhere before you get it in place and snugged down.


How to wax skis

A video of how to grease your joystick ball is definitely needed.


Who knew that we had some many knowledgeable ball experts hanging around here?


I definitely prefer the @keets method of ball greasing.


It’s a ballsy bunch around here!

We are having a ball here! :smiley:

There will be a teste on this information later.


Yeah, we need to be thorough when we get the ball rolling on this project.

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Ooh brain fart, find some ball bearing grease, that is a very neutral substance too and should hold out fine!

Hey at least it wasn’t a brain shart, that would have left your ball black and blue!

LPS White Lithium is my go-to lube. But perhaps not the best product for balls.

Uhhh… what?


In any case, @BeachAV8R. You are not the only one having trouble with your balls today…

In my case they are ball joints on a 1983 jalopy that need changing. Having fun with that. Lubricant? Synthetic lithium grease. I do not think it will be appropriate for application on your particular ball, however.

I do honestly hope that it will not get harder as said examination progresses.


This is just nuts. Everyone knows that Nyogel 767A dampening grease works well, have used it on my Warthogs round thing (although he wasn’t happy about it at the time)

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