Best Mission on DCS

What is your favorite/best one you’ve played? Looking for something more than fly here, blow this up, leave. The online server scene is stagnating for me. Even the “dynamic” ones have the same rinse and repeat feeling for me.


Every SP campaign is like season two of “The Handmaid’s Tale” to me. Fun for a few turns but then no longer worth the time invested.

My favorite missions are the ones I make on my own.

Otherwise I would rather just co-op just about any mission, no matter how simple. Playing with someone else is 100 times better than lonewolfing on the best of servers.

Addendum :smile: There is one scripted campaign that I enjoyed but it was one that came with some frustration. The Spitfire Epsom campaign is expansive, well studied and detailed. But in VR my performance took an immersion-blowing hit. Normally I get by with marginal frames because in jets I don’t care. Trying to hit moving things with guns and a fixed sight is a different challenge and requires smooth performance. There is built-in workaround that let’s you lower historical objects with the F10 menu but I didn’t notice a lot of difference. Anyway, the fault is in my high settings and marginal hardware, not in the campaign itself. The campaign comes with lengthy and immersive briefings along with plenty of maps, all of which are available in higher res in the mission folder.


I really enjoyed the UH-1H Argo campaign. It might be a bit too low key for some. I tend to like the “fly here and do X” type missions (ass and trash I guess they were called?)… As usual though - buyer beware because I’m not sure how some campaigns have aged with the 2.5 merge.

And (speaking of ass and trash) - I really liked the Border Campaign (Mi-8)…


Argo campaign seems to work in current DCS version, a Mi-8 mate of mine flew it recently and produced these beautiful videos of him doing it:

With the current EGT limitations, some missions are quite difficult but nothing undoable.


I’m still working on the Mig-21bis Landing Training mission…if number of times flown counts, that would be my “favorite” mission. Once I get three landings without crashing, I’ll move on.

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