Best Monitors for Flight sims

Hi All,
I am wondering if I might have a better visual experience with DCS for example if my monitor was upgraded. I have an Asus HD which is 76Hz (76 Vertical and 83 Horizontal). The video card is an Nividia gtx 970 with 4 vram. Input to the monitor is DVI.
What do you think? I am still a noobir when it comes to hardware etc. Thanks.

Well, very roughly you have about three paths to choose now (in descending order of cost).

1 - Go ‘Super Single Monitor’. This usually splits into two sub-decisions of:

1a. Refresh, as in a high Hz monitor for gaming. Something that supports AMD FreeSync or Nvidia GSync.

1b. High Resolution, as in a 4k (say, 3840x2160 pixels).

It gets very expensive to get a very high refresh, high resolution pro monitor. If you go 4k+ you’ll need to usually upgrade your PC too.

2 - Go ‘Many Monitors’. Use a couple of monitors hooked up to a single or multiple cards. AMD Eyefinity and Nvidia Surround work pretty well now, give you nice ‘wide horizon’ which works well with flight sims (especially with TrackIR for head tracking). I run a 3x1 set-up with a 5760x1080 resolution.

3 - Go ‘Big TV or Projector’. Due to the falling price in decent LED TV and projector+screens, quite a few people like this route. A 50 inch cheap but decent 1980x1080p TV (if you have room) can be amazing to play DCS in-front of, even if you wouldn’t want to spend all day doing word processing on it.

So, sort of a balance between space, cost and what sort of thing you’re after. But mainly cost, of course :wink:

Dear Fearless…,
Thanks for your very thorough and quick response. It looks like due to physical restraints, I am looking for a 144 Hz maybe.
Thanks again.
By the way, I enjoy your forum. Well done.

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