Best Tablet Lasts Least Longest

I bought myself a Samsung Tab A 8" tablet in February 2021 - first time I bought a decent one, at about £160. I had a Tesco Hudl 2 as my first tablet for £99 - but then they stopped making them - never wanted one before that, but the Hudl 2 was really excellent and I used it for everything possible (having got a bit hooked on the mobile idea with the Acer Aspire One 10" netbook I had before - and still have, now with double the RAM and an SSD fitted). Between the two I had a number of cheaper tablets from Amazon. All of which still work, but aren’t that great.

What gets me is, the first time I buy a known top manufacturer tablet and after just 26 months it’s gone on strike. Networking is fubard. Ain’t that just typical! Yeah, spent a few hours going through all possible solutions and the thing is deffo just not going to connect. Makes me wonder if it’s one of those infamous built-in failures, conveniently after the warranty has just expired.

Still, I’m looking at the A7 now - if that one does anything similar Samsung won’t be getting any more of mo money, homes.

That’s weird. I had so many Samsung phones, tablets, monitors, HDs, SSDs and other stuff, both at work and at home. They were always top notch and better than the other things I had.

Fingers crossed that it was an exception.

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Yeah - I just managed to fix it by doing a factory reset. Now I have to go through all the set-up gubbins, but whatever - it’s a great little tablet so I’m happy enough. Saved me having to shell out £150+ as well. I just hope it doesn’t happen again after I’ve finished installing everything again.

*apparently there has been a network connection issue after the last update, but I’m not sure if that’s related or not.

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