Best Tune settings for the Tomcat

I been screwing around with my tune settins(Sat X, Sat Y, curve, etc) for awhile and cant quite find the right groove. Anybody have any settings they want to recommend??

Hey Thumper, of course it’s very much personal preference, but it also depends on which aircraft module, what stick you have, and if you are running an extension tube. I’m using a TM Hornet grip on a Virpil TM50-CM2 base and the shortest extension tube. I run the Hornet pretty much default tuning, but without the tube, I would add about 15-20 to the curve for both axis because it was too twitchy without. The base is so smooth and sensitive that I only add a dead zone of about 2 on both axis. Any more and it gets hard to hold during A2A refueling. YMMV.

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No curves at all on my stick, except for a negative curve on the viper. It just felt slow without them.

Long extension on a virpil base. Extension and floor mount are worth it if you have the means.


What issues in the Tomcat controls do you like to address exactly?

A good controller with enough travel and high resolution, non-spiking sensors are quite helpful. There is only so much you can improve with software settings.

imho, adding curves and deadzones is always a compromise and comes with drawbacks, i.e. less precision near the end of travel for curves and an “on-off”-feeling for the deadzone at the center. The ideal should be linear, no deadzone.

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Hey Chip, I’m running the 200mm extension on the CM2 Mongoose base with the F-14. I been messing with the curve so long, im tired of doing it. I went -15 curve and i liked the feel of it, but when I wanted to break hard my speed dropped so rapidly, it was ridiculous. I initially went with Chucks 10 Curve, but it felt stiff. I went to Zero last night and it seemed more natural. Broke hard and my speed didn’t decline so rapidly. This was after I posted about it.

Floor mount would be great, but i got Virpils mounts and…they are simply outstanding. I think my issue is, i haven’t Sim gamed in well over 10 years so i dont have a feel of all this new stuff. I do have the 200mm extension which i needed because I’m a big guy at 6’4". I think I’ll stick with Zero curve. Not sure if theres any reason I would need a deadzone.

Thanks miRrage. You guys have helped me come to that conclusion.

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I did feel the Viper sluggish. I didn’t think about inverting the curve!
You’re a genius.