Beware the May 2020 MS Windows 10 Update!

It has some serious issues , and if you have not yet installed it, READ this link first.

It got me, and in a major and very hard to figure out way. I dumbed my way onto this article which finally allowed me to start getting things semi back to normal .

Its a nightmare if it impacts you, or a seemingly “much ado about nuttin” , if it does not.

Forgive me if this post is a repeat, I did not see anything on this though, so I thought it worth it to either save someone the headache or help them solve a possible mystery issue with their PC and HDD /SSD .


What was the way you got burned?
For example, the highly-publicized fall update that was erasing people’s profiles worked just fine for me, although I had installed it before I heard that news.
I’ve heard far less complaints about the 520 update.

That article also has not been updated since May 30th, so over 2 months now.

I think most of the issues stemmed from early versions. It was possible to “force” an update to 2004, and I think a lot of people had issues when running essentially the DCS Open Beta version of Windows 2004. I waited until windows said my machine was ready for it, and I haven’t had an issue.

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The biggest issue I had was the Edge update that basically doesn’t let you uninstall their browser. It’s separate from the 2004 update however.

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YEAH “EDGE” is PUNKWARE for sure. Forcing it down your throat , near impossible to get away from it if you open it even once.

The May 2020 disaster is seemingly random, but MS has just in the last day or so acknowledged a possible cause. I was fine with it for a week or more, and then out of no where I suddenly could not Boot my system. Long story short its been a nightmare , and theres many many more that are still having this issue, others its random BSOD , the list goes on and on.

MS did not even admit it had problems till May 28th . The reason people had to force the DL is MS knew the update did not work with certain BIOS, Certain Chipsets, some Drivers and so on. So if a user had one of those on their list they blocked them from the DL of May 2020 .

Glad it did not get you my friend, I would not wish that disaster on the Devil himself. :japanese_ogre:

Cheers !

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It stopped me from being able to boot , and then my recovery info ended up corrupted , then 3 more fresh windows 10 installs went bad at various stages of post install. I bet my ISP like to have me eliminated from the gene pool if they could . I have used some major bandwidth between my near 200 AA n AAA Steam Titles , DCS , and then there is my work which is several stages of Client Builds and all the associated tools for that.

Its just killed me for longer than I care to say. The last time it got me, I came down with the Flu , early last week or so, turned my PC off for 3-4 Days and unplugged all cables and such ( We been having some pretty rough T-Storm squall lines roll through West Central Tennessee lately) , when I plugged everything back up after I realized I would live through this years version of Flu , again, could not post shortly after I had to reboot again.

5 HDDs used , and all tested good , 2 SSDs , and partridge in a dang pear tree… Ever since good ole MS moron deleted my 3TB main drive as he was helping me recover my Win 10 KEY I been in PC hell, after so many great and pretty rock solid years of no issues.

Guess it was just my time…

Cheers !

P.S. I hope these little mini rants find all of you and your loved ones safe, healthy , and with good offline back ups of your drives ! :crazy_face:

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Yes, I already have the new Edge on all my Win10 PCs. Makes me feel like I’m just using a branded Chrome now. Remember when you had IE branding about a decade or so back?

That said, Edge had lousy compatibility because no one wanted to deal with its differences. So many sites were still “IE or Chrome only” when MS was shouting from the rooftops (finally) how unsafe IE was.

MS decided after 5 years of Edge going nowhere that if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em and now we have new Edge. Or two versions of Chrome.

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Yeah, two versions of Chrome is it exactly. The really sad thing in all of this is the fact that this new EDGE seems to have a lot of potential, potential that is going to be wasted I fear because of the hyper aggressive Marketing Plan (for lack of a more civil term) they chose to go with.

It reeks of desperation imo , and something tells me Google has set a ambush and we will soon see that play out. If that comes to pass , MS is going to take a serious blow to the head . It may not have a huge short term impact , if this is the case, but the long term consequences may well spell doom for MS and its future embedded browser plans/dreams.

This is, at best, pure speculation on my part , but I just get the feeling Google and Mozilla both are laying in wait and MS has walked right into the trap… :thinking:

Peace !