BFM and TrackIR

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So with the release of the F-14, and being lucky enough to have a friend who wants to be a full-time RIO, I am forcing myself to learn BFM/ACM (that is a whole other thread :cold_sweat:) and, well its hard for this long time ground pounder. My question is this:
Are there any harware/profile/ingame fixes to the head limitations in DCS with TrackIR?
One of my main struggles is dealing with TrackIR’s strange headmovement limitations. I’ve never put much time into tuning the profile or anything since ground attack usually doesn’t require extreme head gyration, but with A2A fighting its rough. I have a huge problem with where DCS limits camera movement while looking straight up, if I’m padlocked and rolling left or right, trying to look left or right as the target descends down toward the canopy rail results in a terrible head rotation around z-axis rather than a more natural sideways pan, among other strange twists at weird angles.

I can’t live without TrackIR any more … unless it is VR, I guess :slight_smile:

I adjusted the curves to suit my monitor size and distance, so I can look left, right and up pretty well without having to pull my eyes out of my head to still see the monitor. It takes getting used to, obviously, and that took me quiet a few hours. Looking up is always the hardest because it seems like TrackIR can loose the tracking easily or it starts to get squirrelly in the game. It takes some getting used to.

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That can be important. I find it easier to use the TrackIR system to set up my profile. It allows you to set limits to the head movement past certain points. Also allows you to set asymmetrical Left-Right/Up-Down/etc profiles.

Yeah. Have tuned it that much, as far as curves/deazones go but never really gone back and optimized. the weird looking up head twist is killing me though.

I set mine to allow 180 degree lookback and 90 degree up. This is right at the neck limits really, and above for the over the shoulder bit.

Mine goes wonky too, if the view is at/past 90 degree look up. However, make the neck motion to track a target up past 90 degrees, then rolling down to you 7 or 5 o’clock…you are facing backwards - the TrackIR cannot work with that.

Even with limits, I think that translation will always be a bit wonky between what we expect (our brains thinking in reality) and what TrackIR can do…we don’t instinctively work to our TrackIR’s profile. I’d chalk that up as something that can only be smoothly handled in VR.

You can do your best to eliminate it by doing a “head check” in pit before takeoff and adjust your clip and TrackIR center (Default key F12) to make sure it’s all in order. Every time I put the headset back on, I do this. Also the pro-clip tends to wander on its pitch axis as you play, due to cable tension/weight (on my headset). So it if goes bonkers mid-flight, slide it back and hit F12 while looking ahead.

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Yeah I guess VR spoiled me for 1:1 head movement. Its just too bad its so hard to see! But yes, with trackIR I’m constantly recentering, especially with moving your head around a lot in a dogfight. Its just that 90-degree head lookup is rough. Its more of a limitation of the sim, I think, because in the trackIR profiler I can get predictable and normal head movement. But it seems like your hitting the ‘limit’ of the camera in DCS, and it really messes with you. Just more to get used to I guess.

Thanks for the input all!


Here is an old tutorial I’ve used to learn way back about setting up my TrackIR and fine tuning it. This may be of help to you.

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This is how I have my TrackIR set…

…actually my TrackIr is a bit messed up. A while back one of our cats chomped on the reflectors and now…when I try to turn my head to the left, it moves the view about 8 inches left instead…no matter how I try to reset it…need to get a new reflector thing.

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