"Bio", Former Top Gun Rio Instructor Teaches DCS RIO Techniques

Kudus to DCS: New Zealand and Australia (DCSNZA) for putting this together. What was it? A live stream with a former RIO and clearly super nice guy, David “Bio” Baraneck. I won’t spoil the show other than to say that it is really worth a watch. I learned much that I didn’t know about the relationship between the RIO and the pilot. His commentary is made over a live DCS session on Twitch. He himself has not played the sim (or at least that was my impression) but has watched a few videos of it being played. His smile when the DCS screen opens with a 2 F-14s on the catapults is alone worth watching. The DCS link follows and the Twitch link to watch the archive is there. Enjoy!


That looks like a pretty fun video to watch. Will have to take a look at it sometime this weekend.


I can also recommend Bio’s books,
“Top Gun Days”
“Before Top Gun Days”.

Some nice RIO perspectives in there.


This is awesome! thanks for the headsup!

I’m only 2/3 of the way through it (rotten internet service) and so far it’s fantastic. Bio seemed to really enjoy it all, which made it more enjoyable for me.

Was a great idea.